Are You F#*king Crazy?!

Just yesterday I quit a job that pays far more money than I likely deserve to start a company with my best friend. I’m scared out of my mind, but I couldn’t be more excited.

Today, Friday the 13th (uh-oh…) 2012, David and I officially start Spogo. What started months ago as an idea over gchat, has suddenly become a real opportunity. For months we worked 80+ hour a week jobs and gave Spogo our best effort whenever we had the time. In the beginning it was just something fun to think and to talk about. We’d day dream over gchat about how incredible it would feel to get up from our cubes, belt out a “Screw the man! I’m outta here”, and just walk out of our respective offices. It kept us entertained as we sucked down coffees and rotted away in our desk chairs.

After a few months we started to get really excited about Spogo. Our idea had evolved from a day dream into a potential reality. Suddenly we were scheduling meetings with advisers on weekends, working on pitch decks late at night and setting up calls with lawyers during lunch breaks. We’ve slowly but surely made progress. And over the past few weeks we reached a tipping point. It was time to make one of those game changing decisions.

The only way to give Spogo a fair shot is to leave our jobs and go after it with all that we have. So that’s what we are doing. Sure it’s a risk. A big risk. But really, what’s the worst that could happen? If not now, then when? We have an idea that we truly believe in and will do everything in our power to share the vision and make it work. If it doesn’t, life will move on.

Without a doubt my life is going to change. From six figures to zero figures. Filet mignons to Hamburger Helper. Grey Goose to Aristocrat. But these are all irrelevant. I’m finally going after something with 100% dedication. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to say that. I’m prepared. I’m ready. While the decision isn’t made in blind faith, it certainly qualifies as a leap of faith.

A couple weeks ago when I finally told my Dad I was leaving my job in New York to go after Spogo, he quickly shouted “ARE YOU F#&@ing Crazy?!”

I guess time will tell.


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Co-Founder of Spogo, an interactive and rewarding second-screen experience for sports fans.

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