A few months from now…

Hello everyone.

Yes, that’s the line I decided to start with.  I have writer’s block and it’s my first blog post.

I think I want to take this time to tell everyone about what our vision for Spogo is.  As is true with all start-ups, the end product changes drastically from the first iteration, but we think we have a blueprint for a mobile application that finally makes sports social.  Imagine this:

You are sitting with a group of friends at your favorite sports bar watching the game on Sunday.  Your phone buzzes—Spogo is asking you what you think the result of the kickoff will be.  You’re feeling lucky and select “Return of Greater than 40 Yards” and wager 30 points on it.  The odds are 6:1.

The ball is kicked off, and the returner jets down the sideline and is finally knocked out of bounds after a 55 yard return.  In real time, Spogo rewards you with 180 points.  Your phone buzzes again, and Spogo prompts you with a local deal—150 points for a free beer—right at the bar where you are watching the game.  You select the reward, unlock it with your points, show your phone screen to the bartender, and slug down an ice cold frosty—for free.

This is Spogo.  We think this could be big.  And we think this could be you a few months from now:


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Co-Founder, Spogo

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