Why We Love Sports, Reason #1: The Sandlot

Why do I love sports, David? I’ll give you one answer: The Sandlot.

If I had one wish, there is a distinct possibility that I’d wish to be part of the Sandlot gang. Even for just one inning. Hell, I’d probably give up my firstborn to be friends with Benny the Jet.

For me, the Sandlot is summer perfected. It’s a movie that represents everything that I love about baseball, and about sports. An imaginative, carefree world apart from adult supervision, where baseball rules all. I wanted to live that life as a kid, and I still dream about it as an adult. Shag fly balls all day, hit the pool and pretend to drown just to get the chick in the lifeguard stand to give me CPR, camp out and roast some mallows, throw in some chew at the Fourth of July Carnival…the list goes on.

The point is, no matter how old we are, whether we are playing or watching, sports make us feel like kids again. Sports serve as an escape, a passage to a world that is care free. When you’re in the outfield, and a ball is hit, what do you do? You go catch it. That’s it. It’s simple. It’s perfect.

In the words of Benny the Jet: “Man, this is baseball. You gotta stop thinking. Just have fun.”


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One response to “Why We Love Sports, Reason #1: The Sandlot”

  1. Papa says :

    I live and cherish the memories of my life in sandlot baseball. You have captured the essence of this experience.

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