Entrepreneurial Paranoia

Who reading this has or has had what they think is an amazing business idea?  (Hopefully there are more than 3 people that read this, and the answer to the question I posed is true for the majority or all of you).  I’ve had more than a few.  A football you can fill with alcohol and take sips in between throws during tailgates (my favorite idea but need a Nobel physicist to figure out how to make it spiral with liquid in it).  A mattress divider you insert between two twin mattresses so you can’t feel the crack when you push them together (I got pissed when I saw it in SkyMall magazine).  And more I just can’t remember.

Spogo is the first big idea I’ve had that I am actually pursuing.  When Andrew and I started on Spogo, we had a bad case of paranoia in regards to sharing the idea with others, even those close to us.  We naively thought there was nothing even close to what Spogo is out there, and wanted to keep the concept secret and ours.  We slowly learned that this was dumb.  We NEEDED to share our idea with as many bright people as possible to help shape our vision.  We continue to do so, even without a product on the market.

Sure, we aren’t sharing every single minute detail of our strategic blueprint with everyone whose path we cross.  But to keep an idea secretive in fear of it being stolen is something that should be avoided whenever possible.  As long as you are smart about when and with whom you share and discuss your idea, don’t let it give you the paranoia so many people have—entrepreneurs and non.  The Zuckerberg story has scared off too many people from doing this, and the realization of which I’m writing is one that I’ve learned must come from actually going through this process.  Take the words for what they are, and the advice from whom it comes—heed it or not, it is my perspective and I wish I had known it before having to learn it from experience.

So think, share, learn and go do.  (For anyone that disagrees, please don’t steal our idea.  Thank you).

They did OK in the end.


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One response to “Entrepreneurial Paranoia”

  1. Mimi says :

    like it. very savvy. good luck to you both. I know you will succeed. We are rooting for you.


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