What is this blog?

I used to work in advertising.  One day I said this to myself:

“Well, at least I know I’ll never make less money than I am making now.”

That was a dumb thing to say.  From that point on, it must have been my destiny to become an entrepreneur.  While the allure of being my own boss, working with my best friend and, above all else, creating the next big thing drew me to the position I now hold, the challenges are daunting.  For two business-minded people, trying to build a tech company is a tall order.

A couple months ago, I was balancing a demanding full-time job and moonlighting/working weekends on Spogo.  I hoped this would put me in a position to make the leap of faith for which all aspiring entrepreneurs strive.  This isn’t to say that I am an accomplished entrepreneur by any means—the better part of this experience has been a learning exercise in starting a business.

But, as we continue to spend our savings on this idea–one about which we are truly driven to make work, the next few months are sure to be an adventure.  This blog is to serve as firsthand account of our day-to-day enterprise, interesting findings we come across in sports and tech and, most importantly, an insider look at our struggles, laughs, black eyes and (hopefully) successes along the way.

Team Spogo Then and Now (2006 vs 2012)


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One response to “What is this blog?”

  1. Mimi and Papa says :

    David, happy to hear that you and Andrew are having such a good time launching this new enterprise. If Bill Gates can build a better toilet, you two can certainly build a better sports game. Hang by your thumbs and write if you get work.

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