The Godfather

As we write this post, we are on an airplane somewhere high above the Mason-Dixon line making our way south to the home of country music, where the ice cold beer flows like wine: Nashville, Tennessee. We’re on the way to visit our closest and oldest friend, Zach.

Starting in kindergarten, I (Andrew) spent nine years in school with Zach. We became best friends. We went separate ways in high school—I to Pingree, and he to GDA. As a freshman at GDA, little 5’2”, 115lb Zach somehow managed to befriend a giant named David. Zach introduced me to David during our senior years of high school, as we both planned to attend the University of Richmond that Fall. We decided to room together, and from there it was history.  We ended up rooming together all four years, stayed close friends for the two years we held jobs in New York and Boston after graduation, and ended up co-founding Spogo.  Long story short, Zach is as responsible for the birth of Spogo as we. He is Spogo’s “Godfather”.

As we prepare for an incredible weekend of country music, best friends, cold beer, barbeque and cowboy hats (and some Spogo work of course) we wanted to write this to say thank you to Zach. Not only did he introduce us long ago, but he remains our closest and most loyal friend. One of the best things about our friendship with Zach is that it never changes. No matter how long it’s been since we’ve all seen each other, and no matter how vastly different our day to day lives have become, whenever we reunite, we pick up right where we left off: just like the idiots we were in back in 5th grade throwing wet paper towels at each other in the boy’s bathroom, and just like the Frappuccino-drinking, Combos-eating, Madden-playing goons we were in high school.

And trust me, our daily lives are polar opposites. After graduating from West Point, Zach spent two years training, and is now a United States Army Ranger and First Lieutenant.   Not bad for a shrimp.  Meanwhile, David and I sat in cubicles for two years straight working for Corporate America, and have taken the plunge into entrepreneurship.  Regardless of job title, time or distance between us, our friendship will remain constant.  And we’ve reminded Zach, not that we have to, that there’s always a spot for him at Spogo HQ whenever that time comes.

Thanks, Zach.  Looking forward to an unforgettable weekend.

– Drew & Dave



About andrew

Co-Founder of Spogo, an interactive and rewarding second-screen experience for sports fans.

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