The Second Screen Revolution

What is the second screen?  Andrew and I use this term so often as it relates to Spogo, we sometimes forget that it isn’t quite commonplace—yet.

The “second screen” pertains to the device you are using while watching TV.  Whether you are on your smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop—or some combination of these devices, while watching television, you are part of what we at Spogo are calling the Second Screen Revolution.  Even yesterday, in less than a ten hour span on one tech website I read regularly, there were three separate and detailed articles about the second screen, two of them as they relate to sports:

If Content Is King, Multiscreen Is The Queen, Says New Google Study

After 28.5M iOS Downloads, ESPN Launches A Faster, All-New ScoreCenter For iPad

Pac-12 Networks Brings Live College Sports Online And On The iPad, With An Assist From Ooyala

Utilizing the second screen to engage more deeply with the content you are viewing and consuming is a trend that is not slowing down anytime soon.  Checking the leaderboard of the Masters on your iPad while watching Tiger tee off the 16th, tweeting from your Android about the American Idol contestant who just got kicked off—this is what the Second Screen Revolution is all about.

What Spogo aims to do is ride—and eventually guide—this wave in the sports realm.  All too often, whether you are sitting at the sports bar, in the stands, or even on the couch with your friends—you can look over and, without fail, many of them will have their heads down, clicking away on their smart phones.  How do we engage these viewers, as opposed to distract them?  This is what Spogo aims to do.


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