Let the Games Begin

For the past couple of months, Spogo has been relatively quiet.  While our efforts weren’t in secret, we wanted to wait until the right time to share our vision with all of you.

At its most basic, Spogo is a mobile app for sports fans.  It allows you to predict the outcomes of plays while you watch live games.  We reward you for correct predictions with points that can be used to unlock a range of deals and prizes from our partners.

Spogo is much more than a game though.  We already know you love to watch your favorite team every Sunday.  We’re just going to start rewarding you for engaging with that game.  We’re going to enable you to share the Spogo experience with all your friends.   And we’re going to let you do this no matter where you are—sitting at your favorite bar, watching from the nosebleed section, or lounging on the couch.

For those who have not been following this blog, take a look back if you have the time.  To quote an earlier post:  “this blog is to serve as a firsthand account of our day-to-day enterprise, interesting findings we come across in sports and tech and, most importantly, an insider look at our struggles, laughs, black eyes and (hopefully) successes along the way.”

We’d also like to take this time to introduce Patrick Fenn.  Patrick, a sports whiz and great writer, authors his own blog (Take Your Mark Sports), but will be a contributing member of the Spogo blogging team this season.

We’ll be posting here as often as we can.  Thank you for reading, and for all your support.

Game on,

Team Spogo



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Co-Founder, Spogo

One response to “Let the Games Begin”

  1. Mimi and Papa says :

    Looking forward to reading Patrick’s writing on the Spogo blog. Thanks for keeping us updated on Spogo’s progress.


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