The Best Place to Watch a Game, Part I: The Couch

From the beginning, the goal of Spogo has been to engage fans while they watch the game. We wanted fans to be able to play Spogo whether at the bar, on the couch or at the game itself. David and I often find ourselves debating which of those three venues provides the best overall viewing experience. Well now it’s time to bring the argument to our readers. This is the first of three posts reviewing, comparing, contrasting and listing pros and cons, of the three most popular venues for watching the game. For each post, I’ll use the same nine variables listed below. Each variable will receive a score out of 10. Keep in mind this is my personal opinion, and I encourage comments, discussion and debate.

Part I: The Couch

Viewpoint (9): Any way you cut it, watching the game on your couch is the best viewing experience. Sometimes HD feels more real than being at the game itself. Between instant replay, player close-ups (how perfect was Brady’s scruff last week?), DVRing and having the ability to watch multiple games at the same time from your man-cave, the couch takes the cake here.

Climate (9): You control your own environment, and you might not even have to take your eyes off the TV…just yell at whoever got up to check the bean dip and have them turn up the heat or bring you a blanket.

Sound (7): As much as we all wish strep throat upon Joe Buck every week, listening to game commentary is usually a good thing (you do have access to a mute button). They also have microphones all over the field so you can hear the same sounds as you would at the stadium.

Food and Drink (9): The couch wins again! You can’t beat stuffing your face with perfectly layered homemade nachos, wings from your favorite take out place and ice cold beer from your fridge. The couch offers the most choice, the cheapest prices and the overall greatest eating/drinking experience while watching the game.

Social Environment (7): This completely depends on who you are watching the game with. If I’m with half-ass sports fans who flip between the game and Project Runway, I’ll freak out. Honestly, I’m happiest watching important games completely alone.

Access to a Bathroom (10): General rule: if hosting people to watch a game at your house, leave one bathroom off-limits. You’ll never have to hold it, and you’ll never miss an important play.

Access to Spogo (10): With a outlet nearby, your phone/tablet will always have a full charge and you’ll be playing Spogo all day.

Nostalgia Value (2): Watching a game on the couch certainly has its upsides, but this is the one category where it falls short. Looking back at all the big games I’ve watched on TV, I rarely remember or care about what couch I was on. I find myself wishing I was there in person.

As evident, the couch ranks extremely high for me on overall viewing experience. You have almost complete control over your environment, especially if it’s your own house. The one downside however is if the game is an instant classic, you’ll always regret not being there.

Stay tuned for Part II: At the Game…


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Co-Founder of Spogo, an interactive and rewarding second-screen experience for sports fans.

One response to “The Best Place to Watch a Game, Part I: The Couch”

  1. Mimi and Papa says :

    For me couch is best. (Like I always watch the game). Yeah, right. Maybe Spogo will make me a convert and I will actually watch a game from beginning to end!! Go Spogo!


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