Week 2 Recap: Superlatives (yeah, high school style)

I need to get something off my chest.  While my recaps and previews might have some merit and useful insight, my fantasy football life is going in the opposite direction.  For someone who claims to write about sports for a living (well… kind of), I am getting absolutely smoked.  I’m 0-2 in both my fantasy leagues (champion in both last year), I can’t pick games to save my life, and I lost my survivor pick league on Andrew and David’s beloved Pats… seriously? The Cards? “Come on mannnn” (said like Keyshawn).  It’s time to refocus.  In this weeks recap we’re handing out superlatives.  The votes are in, and Week 2’s winners are…

Most Likely To Succeed the Rest of the Year:  C.J. Spiller (RB, Buffalo Bills)

C.J. has been absolutely electric since Fred Jackson went down Week 1 and is averaging 10.1 yards per carry.  That is not a typo, look it up.  Someone could say “oh but it was Kansas City, big deal”.  Well, that’s true, but he tore through the touted New York Jets defense for 169 yards also.  The Bills, while streaky through the air, can run the ball.  As long as C.J. stays healthy, he’ll be a high production back.  If he keeps this form, there is no way Fred Jackson is getting his starting job back.

Best Dressed:  Seattle Seahawks

“Running Back to the Future” or something…

            You love these uniforms; don’t lie.  I almost think there is some sort of favoritism going on with Nike.  Is it because the Seahawks are Oregon’s team and the Nike guy went to Oregon?  Maybe that’s a stretch, but it seems like they got a fashion upgrade while no one else did. 

Worst Case of Senioritis:  Tom Brady (QB, New England Patriots)

            I think the “potential broken nose” messed up Brady’s newest Ugg shoes photo shoot this week and he just never recovered.  It’s the only thing that makes sense.  He just didn’t show up like he does on Sundays, and ended up with a worse QB rating than Kevin Kolb.  K-E-V-I-N K-O-L-B.  That guy who lost the starting job this preseason to John Skelton.  Brady and his goons better hit practice hard this week to get ready for Baltimore.  Oh wait, I just remembered I already lost my survivor league on them, I hope Brady has another Ugg meltdown.

Most Likely to Become Famous:  Robert Griffin III (QB, Washington Redskins)

            So maybe he’s already pretty famous (in almost as many commercials as Eli and Peyton), but RGIII has begun the newest trend mentioned in this weeks preview: “griffining”.  Also, I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but the highlight shows cover him like crazy (I’ve probably seen that bomb to Hankerson twenty-five times).  He’s this year’s Cam Newton.  Now if he could only embrace and partake in the “griffining”; he would enter the elite class of Tebow-level fame.

Most Likely to Get Paid:  Clay Matthews (LB, Green Bay Packers)

Clay lifts things up, and puts them down.

            Clay is in the last year of his rookie deal.  He is making $800,000 this year.  He is leading the NFL in sacks with 6.0; the next best is Robert Mathis with 3.0.  Personally, I could see Clay becoming the highest paid linebacker in the league.  He is an amazing personality for any organization, and is extremely exciting to watch.  The Pack will get the first crack at his new contract for sure, but it’d be interesting to see him hit the market.

Best Hair:  Troy Polamalu (S, Pittsburgh Steelers)

            I don’t care that he didn’t even play this week.  No brainer, even from the sideline.

Most Likely to Win the MVP Through Two Weeks:  Matt Ryan (QB, Atlanta Falcons)

Watching Matty Ice’s performance against Peyton Manning was very telling of Matt’s game.  He hit some really small windows with pinpoint accuracy, and never lost his poise.  The Denver defense started to make stands, but when the game was on the line, two minutes to go, and a 3rd and 6, Ryan delivered a crossing route pass on the money to Julio Jones to pretty much seal the deal.  While he isn’t the highest in yards through two games, Matt leads the league with 5 TD passes and no interceptions.  He has been the most consistently solid QB so far, in a week of top tier QB inconsistency.  Don’t judge me in Week 11 if the wheels fall off…

Most Unforgettable:  Eli Manning (QB, New York Giants)

            Time to toot my QB’s horn a bit.  Sunday afternoon it seemed like it was going to be extremely embarrassing to be a fan of this Giants team.  Enter Eli Manning and those two stellar receivers Nicks and Cruz.  Eli finished with 510 yards passing, the second best total in Giants history.  He made another seemingly miserable Sunday (I was about to run home with my thumb in my mouth, pull my teddy bear out of retirement and cry for my mommy), into one of the more memorable Giants comebacks of my lifetime.  Unfortunately for him, the defense is going to have to stop something if they’re going to contend again.

Life of the Party:  Reggie Bush (RB, Miami Dolphins) and Danny Amendola (WR, St. Louis Rams)

            I couldn’t decide between the two, sue me.  Reggie tweeted some “game day song” by Mystikal on his way to the stadium Sunday morning.  I listened to it and thought it was absolute garbage, but it must have worked for him.  Reggie ran for 172 yards, ripping off a 65 yarder and laying out into the endzone.  He’s now 2nd in the league for rushing yards.  More impressively, he’s doing it with a horrendous offensive line.

Amendola was my selection for fantasy sleeper of the year on my blog.  It’s a really good thing that I didn’t get him in either

Danny scores against the Redskins.

draft (thanks a lot Anthony).  He had a relatively normal game Week 1, but this week he exploded and exposed a Redskins defense for 15 catches for 160 yards and a touchdown.  Amendola now leads the league in receptions (20) and is 3rd in yards receiving.  Danny might not be so under the radar next week, and we’ll see what he’s really got in Chicago next weekend.

Please try to contain your excitement for the Week 3 Preview coming on Thursday.


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    Patrick, I don’t understand everything you say, but I sure do enjoy the way you write. Keep up the good work.


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