The Best Place to Watch a Game, Part II: The Bar

My second installment of the best places to watch the game. I present to you–The Bar:

Viewpoint (6): Watching the game at a bar is high risk, but high reward. If you get to a Buffallo Wild Wings at 12:30, you’ll get a seat right in front of your teams TV — and its likely a 70″ plus screen. If you’re a half hour late though, you might be stuck in the back corner, peering over a sea of Jets fans with Fireman Ed hats on just to see your TV.

Climate (5): The bar is my least favorite climate. It’s either uncomfortably hot or uncomfortably cold. I’m strange though–for some reason after I eat a basket of hot wings, I get extremely cold. Visibly shaking sometimes. Bars need beds and blankets.

Sound (6): Again, audio at the bar is hit or miss. If you’re watching the game in your own team’s market, you should be fine. However, if you’re in a different city, you likely will have to struggle through the audio of another game. One advantage is that it can be fun to listen to the reactions of the different fans during the games.

Food and Drink (7): The bar falls somewhere between the couch and the game. For some reason the food usually tastes better at the bar…kind of like going camping. However, there are a few problems with bar food: 1) it can be expensive, and 2) the chef might be a Giants fan (high likelihood they’ll spit in your food)

Social Environment (9): Depending upon the bar you’re at, this is usually a fun social environment. Have a few beers with friends and hit on your waitress all while watching the your favorite teams.

Access to Bathroom (6): With everyone rushing to the stalls during commercial breaks, you can get in trouble here. Locate the nearest Starbucks just in case.

Access to Spogo (10): Should always have access to Spogo. Just watch the flying elbows of rowdy fans. Also, the bar is where you need to be to redeem your rewards, so it really is the best Spogo-playing environment.

Nostalgia Value (7): At the bar you’re going to end up either extremely happy or in the depths of depression. Must be the mob mentality. Either way, it’scertainly a memorable experience, but a bit risky.

That’s my take on watching the game at the bar. Some positives (see below) and certainly some negatives. Where will you be watching this Sunday?


About andrew

Co-Founder of Spogo, an interactive and rewarding second-screen experience for sports fans.

2 responses to “The Best Place to Watch a Game, Part II: The Bar”

  1. Patrick Fenn says :

    Well, after the Giants manhandled the Panthers on Thursday, I will be watching at the bars, making fun of Jets fans and hoping the Pats bite the dust!

  2. Mimi and Papa says :

    Nice piece Andrew. I notice that most of the fans are male. Here’s a thought, what can Spogo do to interest more of the fans of the female persuasion? I know they are out there.


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