Who is to blame?

After last night’s pathetic and depressing loss to the Baltimore Ravens, I thought blogging about my feelings about the game might be therapeutic.  I already want to smash my computer over Andrew’s head, so it is probably just causing more pain than it is relieving, but I digress.  When the New England Patriots lose football games, I cast myself into a dark, dark place.  How did this happen?  Why did this happen?  And most importantly, who is to blame?  Let me take you through a sample thought process:

1)     I blame the Ravens

The Ravens scored more points than we did last night, so they must be the ones to blame.  Flacco picked us apart in the fourth quarter and, when we handed them the ball with a few minutes left in the game, was there ever really any doubt what was going to happen?  With my negativity, no, not really.  But, I never like giving the opposing team the satisfaction of being the main reason why my beloved Patriots lost.  So, whose fault is it?

Percentage of blame: 5%

2)     I blame the Patriots

We led the entire game, so how exactly did we end up losing?  A dropped interception by McCourty, a would-be interception by Arrington (before tripping over himself)—my brain is too fried to even remember clearly what else the Patriots did wrong, especially in the final quarter.  My own voice is still ringing in my head: “Why wouldn’t you go for two here?”—as the Patriots kicked a PAT to make the game 20-14.  But no, I’m too loyal to the Patriots to place the ultimate blame on them for the loss, there must be someone else.

Percentage of blame: 10%

A zebra sandwich. Haha!

3)     I blame the referees

Well this one is pretty obvious.  With 24 penalties totaling 218 yards in the game, even Al Michaels was calling for the replacement referees’ heads.  Have we ever seen more illegal contact calls in one game?  If Karen Klein can raise $700k, why hasn’t a fund been started to get the real refs back yet?  (Side note–did anyone else think the head ref last night looked like Clint Eastwood?)

Percentage of blame: 25%

4)     I blame myself

I decided to leave my family and friends out of this one, although I’m usually pretty quick to take my bottled up frustration out on those near and dear to me.  In this, and most other cases, the loss could very well be my own fault.  I was eating wings and watching the game in my living room with three of my friends—acting almost as if this was a normal, social Sunday night game.  Patriots games are far too important to have fun watching.  Because I didn’t prepare enough, focus enough and root hard enough—I feel like I should take much of the blame for my team’s loss.  Week after week I subject myself to this torture.  If they win, I am not happy but relieved—if they lose I am a broken and angry man.  I’m a lot like Batman–I sacrifice myself to shoulder the blame for Patriots nation.  As you can tell, I am sick—very, very sick.

Percentage of blame: 60%

Am I the hero the Patriots deserve, but not the one they need right now?

Until next week…


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One response to “Who is to blame?”

  1. WPS says :

    It’s clearly time to check whether your blogging falls under your Mass Medical coverage, as therapeutic treatment. Stay away from sharp objects at least until Thursday. Otherwise, I enjoyed your ranting.

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