There’s An App For That

A slogan that has become even truer since its inception is Apple’s “There’s An App For That.”  In March 2012, the number of apps downloaded on the iPhone alone reached 25 billion.  As of June 2012, there were 650,000 different apps available on the App Store.  That is an outrageous number.

Having spent a couple of years in advertising, I’ve learned the necessity for and power of digital marketing, both of which continue to grow.  While there are a number of proprietary apps out there that have grown into brands and businesses (Angry Birds, Draw Something, Lemon Wallet, Thumb, Spogo…?) it has become commonplace for existing major brands to create one or multiple apps for the huge mobile audience.  There are a handful that stand out, which I thought would be interesting to take a quick look at:


The Walgreens app allows users to order prescription refills by scanning the barcode directly off the pill bottle from your phone.  Users can also receive push notification reminders when prescriptions are ready to be refilled.

Ford Fusion

This app, which is no longer available, was designed to create excitement for the reveal of the 2013 Fusion in January 2012.  Activated by capturing a photo of the Ford logo, the app let fans access a virtual course where they could test drive the car.  A new course was added every day from early December until the car’s launch.

Heineken Cheers

A jokey app with a somewhat useful function, “Cheers” lets you simulate the “clink” sound of two bottles by bumping smartphones branded like Heineken bottles.  Simple but smart and memorable.

Nike+ Running
The Nike+ Running app tracks distance, pace, time and calories burned with GPS, giving you feedback as you run.  It also allows you to automatically upload to to see your runs, including your route and elevation.

Developing a mobile app has become a no-brainer for larger brands to connect with customers in a fun, engaging way.  By branding an interactive application, companies like Walgreens, Ford, Heineken, Nike and many more are exploring new ways to market, and over the last few years, going mobile has become standard practice.  Standing out among the 650,000 other available apps is the hard part—but the four above are examples of ones that do.


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