When the @#$% can I play Spogo?

Who here likes cliffhangers?  As avid LOST fans, Andrew and I love to hate them–so, we decided to give you a healthy dose of some right now!  It’s time we gave a little Spogo update:

Feeling lost? This sneak preview should do the trick.

Release Date

We hope that all of you are wondering when you are going to be able to play Spogo this season.  I am here to tell you much, much more than just “COMING SOON…”—we are not months, but weeks away.  Stay tuned for the official launch date…


As we’ve made clear, you’ll be able to win a number of great rewards from our partners this season, namely sports bars in Boston and NYC.  Right now we have nearly 40 partners, and the list is growing.  We’ll announce who they all are in the next few weeks…

Launch Parties

We’ll be having Spogo-sponsored launch parties in both Boston and NYC at select partner venues.  Official dates and locations will be released soon via Facebook, Twitter and our blog, so keep reading…

The App

Spogo has been in development for some time now, and we haven’t released one single screen shot.  So, we’re finally giving into all the peer pressure and angry letters from fans—here you go:

Loading, please wait…


About david

Co-Founder, Spogo

5 responses to “When the @#$% can I play Spogo?”

  1. Mimi says :

    Very funny.


  2. Andrew McCloy says :

    I cannot wait to fire up Spogo on my new iPhone 5! Totally pumped!

  3. Ethel M says :

    You better not be afraid to ask for help with any of the upcoming events! Would love to do anything I can (with or without my spOgO t-shirt)

  4. Marcy says :

    Love the post, I was laughing out loud by the end. The followers were going crazy for some news like this!!!!!!!

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