Patriots Patter: Week 7

With approximately 4:33 remaining in the game, I pulled out some Pepto Bismol to take away that nauseous feeling. I was starting to feel better momentarily when the Jets Stephen Hill missed a gimme. Then felt sick again, after the Devin McCourty fumble. I’m thinking of buying stock in the company, as lately I’ve needed it almost every week.

The Pats’ defensive line had their worst game of the season. Nick Mangold and company pushed them around all afternoon, giving “The Sanchise” way too much time to find Jeremy Kerley. Bill, when Kerley becomes available in free agency, put his name to the right of “pay to the order of”.

Did you notice that Patrick Chung wasn’t playing? That speaks volumes. Add his name to the growing list of early round secondary players who crapped out. Below his name, you can add Devin McCourty and Ras-I Dowling. You would think Belichick and company by default would get one of these high round draft picks right.

Does it seem like every team in the league has a guy named Trufant at defensive back? Maybe next year the Patriots should  just draft anyone with that surname. 

Here’s a scary thought… the Jets’ defensive backfield is so good, I forgot that their best player, Darelle Revis is out for the year.

Brandon Spikes is a guy that you want on your side of the field. When Allstate is looking for a new Mr. Mayhem, Spikes is my nominee.

Offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia deserves a medal. This guy can make chicken salad out of you know what. Two of the Pats’ starting linemen are out, and he inserts a couple of no-names that make Shane (Don’t call me Ben) Vereen look like Marcus Allen.

There were two things that happened today that you’ll likely never see again.

1. The Pats needing to call a time out on a punt.

2. Teams walking off the field at the end of the game on a play under review.


Patriots 29 – Jets 26

Next Sunday don’t forget to tune in at 1PM for the St. Louis Rams. That name still doesn’t sound right to me.


About Larry Liberfarb

Contributing Editor for Spogo, Author of Patriots Patter

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