Great Businesses Create Joy

Facebook began as a hobby.  However controversial, when Mark Zuckerberg started building Facebook from his Harvard dorm room, he did it because it was fun and because he knew his classmates would want and love to use his product.  It wasn’t until students from other schools started requesting access to Facebook that the idea of it being an actual business crossed his mind.

Facebook did not come to be for the purpose of making money.  It was built for the fundamental reason that it created joy. Students loved to use it, and that made Facebook a great product. The more Zuckerberg listened to his users, the better product Facebook became. Today, Facebook has become so robust, that it often has to anticipate what members want.  Based on its billion plus active monthly users, I think they’re doing an okay job.

The other day, Zuckerberg spoke at the Y Combinator Startup School in Silicon Valley.  His main message: “Do something fundamental.”  This is what Spogo aims to do, by enhancing the game day experience for sports fans.  A business should not be built around a revenue stream.  A great business should be built to create joy for its users—and the revenue streams will come.

Here is a link about Zuckerberg’s talk at Y Combinator:


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One response to “Great Businesses Create Joy”

  1. WPS says :

    Although, it certainly helps to make a profit at the same time….

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