Spogo Debates — We Want Your Vote!

We may not have microphones, suits or a remotely interested audience, but this is how you should imagine our debates here at Spogo HQ.

Watching Obama and Romney go at each others throats for the third time the other night reminded me of some of the sports-related debates I’ve had with friends over the years.  David, Zach (The Godfather) and I had one such debate a couple weeks ago. After a night out in Boston we spent the hours of 2:00am to 5:00am relentlessly arguing over the college football BCS system. Some may see this as silly. Maybe even insane. But to us here at Spogo, it’s important. I think it serves as some sort of release.  Anyways, I thought I’d bring some of sports’ biggest debates to our readers. Where do you stand?

BCS or Playoffs
After years of debate, we’ll finally see a college football playoff next year (albeit only 4-team). To me, a college football playoff system is a no-brainer.  Aside from generating the most amount of money for sponsors and networks, the BCS is completely flawed. Having a computer decide where teams rank every week doesn’t make any sense. You can also lose your shot at a national championship as early as Week 1. Let the teams battle it out in a playoff and make us all happy. What do you think?

NBA Draft Age Eligibility
Up until a few years ago, high school athletes were allowed to enter the NBA draft without attending college. Today, you must attend for at least one year. While this rule provides young athletes with an additional year of education and also helps to develop their game (on and off the court?), I think the choice should ultimately be up to the individual. If an 18 year-old male can elect to go to the military after high school, why can’t he play in the NBA? Besides, high schools have given us guys like Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant and Lebron James. I say keep em’ comin!

Steroids and Baseball
At this point, performance enhancing drugs have permeated almost every sport. Lance Armstrong, for example, was stripped of his Tour de France titles just a few weeks ago. But steroids and PEDs seem to be a continual topic of polarization and debate in baseball. Many have labeled the last 15 years as the steroid era, and subscribe to the theory of “everyone’s doing it, the playing field is level”. I tend to disagree. Reward those who followed the rules and were still able to outplay those using.


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One response to “Spogo Debates — We Want Your Vote!”

  1. Mimi says :

    Andrew, I voted and I agree with you on all three questions.


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