The Greatest of All Time

When you create a Spogo account, we ask you for some basic information that is displayed on your unique user profile.  In addition to your username, location and a photo, you can also enter in your favorite football team, favorite athlete and favorite sports movie.

How can you possibly pick a favorite sports movie??  Almost every time I see the one I’ve selected, I want to go in and change it to another timeless classic that I love.  (Yes, I have been using an in-development version of Spogo.  Jealous?)

There are the iconic sports films: Rudy, Hoosiers, Rocky, Field of Dreams.  There are the comedies you can watch over and over: Caddyshack, Slap Shot, Major League.  How about the movies we love as much today as we did when we were kids: Sandlot, Little Giants, Angels in the Outfield, Mighty Ducks (D2 obviously).  Too many to choose from.

Now I won’t say that the following are the best of all time—that title is too hard to award.  But these are a few of my absolute favorites that aren’t quite as renowned as the aforementioned titles.  Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, except mine is the right one:

Friday Night Lights

First a book, then a movie, then a show. A gritty look at high school football in the Longhorn state.

He Got Game

Jesus Shuttlesworth (or should I say Judas?) and Denzel. As painful as it is to compliment Spike Lee, this one is a classic.


Oh, poker’s not a sport? Too bad, my blog. Matt Damon and Ed Norton are flawless in Rounders.

Mystery Alaska

Sure I can’t even skate without holding onto the boards, but Mystery Alaska is one of my favorites ever. Watch it, or forever live in sin.

What’s your favorite sports movie ever?  Feel free to comment, and have a great Friday.


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2 responses to “The Greatest of All Time”

  1. Mimi says :

    My favorite is Moneyball. Baseball is my favorite sport and who doesn’t like Brad Pitt. I knew the story of Billy Beane and was able to follow it in the movie. Plus we saw it on a rainy day in Maine with several family members and everyone loved it.


  2. Rachel says :

    You forgot some classics such as HONEY and SAVE THE LAST DANCE. However, Love&Basketball is #1. And you shouldn’t have limited your discussion of mighty ducks to just D2. It’s one of the best trilogies of all time, David, and our attempted street hockey games in the driveway inspired by the Ducks should have put those movies higher on your list.

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