Patriots Patter: Week 8

No Pepto-Bismol needed for the Rams game. This week required coffee to keep awake through a lackluster Rams effort. St. Louis forgot to pack some “game effort” for their journey across the pond.

Ryan Mallett finally got the chance to see some regular season game action. He served as the “human victory cigar” when the game’s outcome had long been decided.

Next week is the bye week. Many nicked up Patriots will have the opportunity to get some well needed R&R.  Some members of the team should not be too complacent, as Bill B. usually has at least one trick up his sleeve. Lovable Coach B. has often used this week to cut a veteran or two who has slowed down a step or remains injured too long (Steve Gregory).

The Jets are now 3-5, as Miami beat them 30-9. I am not going to make the mistake of prematurely counting  them out this year.

Rob Ninkovich continues to make big plays every week.  Ninkovich was a virtual scrap heap guy, having been cut from the Dolphins’ practice squad. Somehow he has morphed into the Willie McGinest/Mike Vrabel role,  rotating between defensive end and linebacker depending on the situation.

Former captain of the Patriots’ witness protection program Jermaine Cunningham has come out of hiding. He is starting to play like a guy who was drafted in an early round…finally.

If Gronk wasn’t so good, would team brass find his antics so funny? I think not. I am sure that you saw that he spiked a microphone worth several thousand dollars in London.

Tavon Wilson is the definition of a “trick or treat” guy. Enjoy Halloween, Tavon.

I’ll be back in two weeks after the Buffalo game on 11/11.

The spike heard round the world.


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Contributing Editor for Spogo, Author of Patriots Patter

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