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Week 13 Preview: Get Your Spogo Points Here

All this NFL information and wisdom for what?  What good is this powerful knowledge if it can’t be applied to our lives?  It’s time I tell you how to spend your Spogo points or what questions to look for.  How to not just watch, but to WIN.  I’ll break down the questions to look for and some pre-game questions to bid on.  You want half price wings, a free beer, or a Spogo tee shirt?  Look no further, I’ll make sure you get full, drunk and clothed this weekend.


New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins – New England Patriots 1:00 PM EST

Tannehill is the x-factor in this one,

            We have no yardstick for this game, as these two teams have not yet met this year.  This Miami defense has given up 21 points only three times this year and rank 7th in rush defense.  The only time they’ve seen an offense as gifted as the Pats was Week 1 against the Texans.  Even that is debatable.  This Pats offense is on fire, and I don’t expect them to slow down.  In the pre-game questions, who will win the game seems obvious: the Patriots.  But with little return on investment there, look to the 50.5 over/under.  Personally, I like the under here.  I see the score ending in a 27-13 or even 30-17 Pats win.  As for during the game, bet points liberally on the Patriots offense, will they make it to the Dolphins 50-yardline? Probably.

Arizona Cardinals @ New York Jets – Sunday 1:00 PM EST

            Both of these teams desperately need a win… and I mean desperately.  Arizona has lost seven games in a row after a 4-0 start, and the Jets

Look for Beanie Wells to get the goal-line carries.

have lost four of their last five.  Both have really good pass defenses (top-five in the league).  The over/under on total points in this game could be a little tight, if I was going to bet on it, I’d probably take the under.  As for the “Will Sanchez throw 2 TD’s?” question, throwing 2 TDs in this league should be easy, but he has only done it only twice this year.  Against a top-five pass defense, I don’t see this changing.  Bet the under.  During this game, bet on defense, maybe take a long shot on a turnover, and if anything offensive comes up, bet on the run, as both teams have struggled on run defense.

Philidelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys – Sunday 8:20 PM EST

The NFL must have seen this match-up at the beginning of the year and thought it would make a spectacular Sunday night game.  Now, this division is quickly slipping from

The New Al Davis?

the Cowboys reach, and the Eagles…yikes.  It seems that Nick Foles is going to start for the still-injured Michael Vick.  The Cowboys defense has been solid this year, ranking 9th in pass-defense and 13th against the run.  This is largely due to the way they started the season, and has not been their trend in recent weeks.  Last time these two teams met (just 3 weeks ago) they scored 61 points.  The over/under on total points is 43.5.  Bet over.  If you’re looking for a long shot, look no further than the pregame question “What will there be more of: Phili TDs or turnovers?”  Rookies Bryce Brown (running back) and Nick Foles (quarterback) have both had ball security and interception issues.  We could easily see more turnovers than TDs.

New York Giants @ Washington Redskins – Monday 8:30 PM EST

            This game is going to be a shootout.  A Clint Eastwood, old school shootout.  The Redskins have not scored less than 21 points in any game this year.  Both of these teams have absolutely atrocious pass defenses.  The Redskins rank 31st against the pass, while the Giants are 25th.  Last time these two met, they put up 50 points, so bet points on offensive questions.  The over/under on total points is 51.5.  While they put up 50 points last time, I would bet the over, as both these offenses are clicking right now, and all signs point to the over.  “Who will throw more touchdowns?”  Call me biased, but I’m taking Eli Manning or the tie.  RG III has been an absolute monster throwing 4 TDs in his last two games, I’m just not sure he can keep that up after watching what the Giants did to Aaron Rodgers.


Go bet, win, and eat/drink your face off, on Spogo!  Best of luck to all users this weekend.


EXTREME Spogo-ing

Over the past few months we’ve bombarded you with articles about football and Spogo. It makes sense, since we just launched for NFL only this season. However, this is far from our final destination. In the future, we see Spogo as a predictive platform far all sports, and maybe even beyond.

We’ll likely tackle the big four sports first (football, baseball, basketball and hockey), and then move on to international games such as soccer, golf, rugby and cricket.  Maybe we can cover Olympic sports like wrestling, sailing, figure skating or synchronized swimming. But why stop there? Now maybe I’m reaching here (OK, yes I am reaching), but what if we took an ESPN 8 “The Ocho” approach? Now these sports deserve videos:

American Freestyle Canoeing – This guy killed it. The Justin Beiber of the Canoeing world.


Japanese Botaoshi – Not sure what’s going on here, but you never want to be the guy sitting on top of a pole.


Shin Kicking – Pretty sure this was a daily sport I played throughout childhood with my brother.


Extreme Ironing – I can’t even iron a shirt in the comfort of my own home.

Week 12 Recap: Get Your Concussion Tests Here

With the last of the daylight fading away, I arrived in East Meadowlands, NJ.  As the wind whipped through the parking lot, I was unsure of what to expect from the evening.  After dropping two in a row, the Giants took a week off to reset and prepare for the home stretch.  After the game was began, it seems like the week off was just what the doctor ordered.  It was such a beat down that I watched two brothers (one Packers fan, one Giants) get into a fight (semi-legitimate one) during the game.  No serious injuries occurred.  No concussion tests administered.  However, lots of these tests were administered this week, and generally, this season.  They hand these out like Pittsburgh hands out towels.  While it’s great the league is taking this precaution, the results of how many concussions there are begs the question: how many of these went unreported for years?  How many still do?  What other things are happening in this league that get glossed over, or goes unnoticed?  Food for thought! What else is worth digesting from this weekend?


            Three NFL players are facing (or starting) 4-game suspensions today for performance enhancing drugs.  Likely you think of players shooting up some HGH together, but this isn’t so dramatic… or is it?  It’s all for amphetamines (Adderall).  While prescription use of Adderall is allowed under the leagues substance policies as long as the player has a prescription and a waiver from the league, recreational use of it is forbidden.  Eric Wright of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has just begun his ban after former-teammate Aqib Talib was suspended for the same thing.  Apparently it’s a cornerback’s drug of choice, because both Seattle Seahawks starting cornerbacks (Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner) face this same suspension.  While they’ve stated that “all will be resolved” in their appeal, it seems to be a growing issue.  More and more players are using this stimulant.  It’s not even an NFL specific issue; it is one of the most commonly abused drugs.  Perhaps the NFL should up the suspension to 6 or 8 games and see if it halts use.

What’s the Better Play: Ray Rice’s or Mark Sanchez’s?

            There were two season-defining plays this weekend that come to mind.  Firstly, during the stalemate-turned-blowout

Never gets old.

Patriots vs. Jets game on Thanksgiving, on a second down Mark Sanchez made a season defining play.  He tucked the ball, surveyed the field, and decided the best path was to run straight into the butt of right guard Brandon Moore.  To Mark’s credit, once he decided this was his plan, he put in his all.  He ran into him with such force that it crushed Sanchez (probably received a concussion test, from the look of it), who dropped the ball.  Steve Gregory picked it up, dusted it off, and ran it back for a Pats TD.  If that doesn’t sum up the Jets season I’m not sure what does.

Ray Rice’s play is of the better variety (unless you’re a Charger).  On 4th and 29, Flacco dropped back with good protection and could not find a receiver down field.  Fortunately for him, his check down option is one of the best in the NFL.  He threw a 5-yard dump to Ray Rice.  After getting about 10 yards up field, Rice runs into three defenders, who take awful routes to tackle him.  He makes a cross-field turn, eludes the three would-be tacklers, and proceeds to narrowly split two defenders and drive forward for the first down.  Making it work has been the philosophy for this team, especially defensively.  It isn’t always the prettiest win, but they do win.  For the Chargers, not living up to expectation has been theirs. 

MVP Race

It seems that Matt Ryan has fallen out of the MVP race.  The last three weeks he has thrown 4 TDs and been intercepted 7 times.  Who has stepped up in his place?  Tom Brady (shocker, I know) has to be that guy.  He hasn’t thrown an interception since October 14th, since then he’s thrown 14 TDs in five games.  The Pats have not played a very tough schedule of late, but with Houston on the horizon, it could be a statement game for Tom.  On the other hand, Peyton Manning has only thrown for 300 yards twice since October 14th, and seems to have cooled off a bit from his fiery start.  The next few weeks are crucial for the MVP race, with teams solidifying postseason positions and potentially pulling some starters the last two weeks.

Ray Lewis Returns

            While he doesn’t quite have the same power, speed, and overall game that he used to, Ray Lewis is still one passionate football player.  The Ravens defense struggled early in his absence but has since found a way to pull it together and challenge offenses in the way they always have.  Of course, Ray is going to play when he can.  He has the leadership that no other defensive player in the NFL has.  That can never be underestimated.

The Pats Offensive Explosion(s)

            St. Louis, Buffalo, Indy, New York: the Pats last four games.  While only Indy is over .500 of this group, the Pats have been thrashing teams offensively.  They’ve scored 190 points in their last 4 games, never scoring less than 37.  With Miami, Houston, and San Francisco on the horizon, we’ll see if they can keep this pace up.

Giants Beat Up On Pack

There are few things better than a Victor Cruz salsa.

This was the first time I had been back to the Meadowlands since the Giants took it to the Falcons in the first round of the playoffs last year.  The vibe was no different against the packers.  On the first cold night of this season everything came together for the Giants.  The last time they played this way was in San Francisco against the 49ers, a statement win.  The issue this year and in previous years, has been their consistency.  Their play fluctuates with games like this, then losses to the Bengals.  Hopefully it gets consistent when it counts, because in this league, that’s all that matters.

Welcome to the TeamZone

We’ve told you how to play Spogo, how to win points and how to use them to unlock great rewards. But we haven’t really told you about the third zone of Spogo—and what really makes Spogo social:

The TeamZone

When you enter the TeamZone, you’ll see the INVITE page where you can invite your friends to join you in the Spogoverse.  You can click the Facebook icon to send a short wall post to any of your friends that invites them to sign up to play Spogo.  For each friend that joins, you receive a nice little point bonus.  You can also search through the entire pool of all current Spogo players and add users to your Friends list.

Invite friends from Facebook or Spogo.

Your FRIENDS page is your Spogo buddy list.  Click on a user and view their Profile, or click the chat bubble icon to enter into a 1-on-1 chat.  Never do you have to exit the app during gameplay to text your friend “Ha! You suck at Spogo! <Insert profane insult here>!”—just enter the TeamZone and use Spogo Chat!

View friends’ profiles or enter Spogo Chat.

When you have a Spogo Friend Request, you’ll get a notification that directs you to the REQUESTS page where you can confirm or reject someone’s friendship.  It’s just like Facebook, only way less people use it!

Another sub-area of the TeamZone is your PROFILE page (just click the icon that looks like a head on the upper right corner of the screen).  This is where you can see all the activity from you and your friends within Spogo, as well as edit your own user info (favorite movie, athlete, team, etc.).  Also, be sure to scroll over to your STATS page to see some interesting data on your Spogo gameplay.

This is my Spogo profile.

Check your Spogo Stats.


While the TeamZone is certainly a less-utilized area than the GameZone or RewardZone, it is still a fun and useful feature that users should know how to use.  Add friends, get point bonuses, chat and talk trash to your hearts’ content.

This Friday, look out for our first series of featured rewards partners for some insider tips on where to play Spogo on Sundays…

Patriots Patter: Week 12

Four J-E-T-S fumbles lead to a delicious Thanksgiving feast for Patriots. Even the most rabid Pats fan had to feel sorry for Gang Green last night.

Sanchez and company looked like they were thinking more about midnight madness sales than football.

The only tasteless dish on the menu for Patriots fans, was the helmet to helmet hit that Julian Edelman absorbed. Edelman the recipient of a TD reception and a fumble recovery TD has been really coming on. Hopefully his head injury won’t derail him for too long.

Highlight reel memory from last night was a play made by Vince Wilfork. #75 stopped Jets lineman Brandon Moore cold causing a chain reaction stop of Mark Sanchez. Vince then pancaked both of them.

Last night OL coach Dante Scarnecchia again exhibited his ability to turn almost anyone over 300 lbs into an NFL quality lineman. With right tackle Sebastian Vollmer unable to go, Marcus Cannon was called upon to fill in. Cannon’s name was barely mentioned by the announcers, and his number not called for a penalty by the referees.

Added to the bright spot department is one Shane Vereen. “Don’t call me Ben” has come into his own finally, and is becoming a dependable reliever for fellow bright spot Stevan Ridley.

It’s hard to find criticism of any Patriots after back to back drubbings of opponents, but I have two I need to get off my chest.

  1. I keep on waiting for Brandon Lloyd to “stretch the field” or do something to wow me. This is not an Ocho Stinko case by any means. Brandon knows the plays, seemingly runs crisp pass routes, and doesn’t get “the you f’d up look” from Tom Brady.
  2. To the casual observer (me), Dont’a Hightower always seems to be trailing the play or in the wrong spot. Maybe I am missing something, or maybe I am too impatient, but it’s week 12 and this guy was a first round pick. Let’s hope that he is just one of those guys that takes a little bit longer to get it.

One last observation that I keep hoping will change, is the inconsistency of Stephen Gostkowski. It seems like he is back into a slump. Clutch last minute FG’s win playoff games, wide rights send you home to watch on the 52”.

A week from Sunday, tune in at 1 PM for the Dolphins. BB will have to work hard to keep his guys focused on that one, and not thinking about the showdown the following week with the Texans.

Enjoy your weekend.

Patriots-49 Jets-19

Week 12 Preview: A Thanksgiving Feast

While the masses stuff their faces, some of the best athletes on the planet prepare for their respective games.  There’s no doubt, the best game to play in would be the 12:30.  This way one could still have thanksgiving dinner afterwards.  I’m hungry after walking from my fridge to my couch; I cannot imagine the appetite you must work up after 20+ rush attempts.  The over/under on plates of food for Arian Foster has got to be 3.5.  Today’s appetizer of interleague squads meshes with the classic Skins v. Boys turkey course.  After you think you’d had enough you expand that stomach lining with a gut-busting slice of Pats v. Jets pie.  Andrew was right. Thanksgiving is the best holiday.

Appetizer: Houston Texans @ Detroit Lions (12:30 PM EST)

This game could come down to which Stafford shows up.

            I can’t remember a time the Lions weren’t competing on Thanksgiving Day.  Better yet, I can’t remember the last time they won on Thanksgiving Day (looked into it, 2003 over the Packers).  Most people would say their odds don’t look great for getting off this losing streak.  However, Houston proved they have some holes on defense, especially in the secondary, after getting gashed by Chad Henne (yes, Chad Henne) for 350+ yards and 4 TDs.  If anyone can sling it, it’s the Lions.  This seasons NFL-best pass offense gets a shot at redeeming last week’s disappointing offensive showing.  Stafford knows he has to be better than he was, where he completed fewer than 50% of his passes and threw two picks.  This game is really about which unit can bounce back the best: Houston’s defense or Detroit’s offense.

The Turkey and Stuffing: Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys (4:25 PM EST)

            It might be Week 12, but this is the first meeting of these two teams.  RG III shed any signs of rookie struggles last week (granted it was against the Eagles, who have already booked their off-season vacations).  He threw just one incomplete pass, had 4 TD passes and rushed for a team-high 84 yards.  This week’s defense should provide a tougher test, with Rob Ryan dialing up blitz schemes and coverage changes to confuse the rookie.  Dallas, unlike the Lions, have won five of their last 6 Thanksgiving Day games.  Additionally, they have never lost to Washington on Thanksgiving.  Tomy Romo, or Mr. November, had 13 interceptions in his first seven weeks.  Since then he’s thrown only 3.  He’s also 8-1 in his last 9 November games.  I may not be a statistician, but these numbers speak volumes.  If you like watching offensive football, tune in to this one.

The Slice O’ Pie: New England Patriots @ New York Jets (8:20 PM EST)

Cortisone and the like, Hernandez seems on track to play tonight.

            After you wake up from your nap, the Jets will be kicking off with the Pats.  This could be a tasty treat for Pats fans, but seems like it will taste like beet pie for Jets fans.  The Patriots offense has been on a tear of late, scoring 45, 37, and 59 points in their last three games.  The loss of Gronkowski should hinder this offense slightly, and they’ll be praying Aaron Hernandez can play.  I expect Wes Welker to get about 5 or 6 more targets today, with Brandon Lloyd and Julian Edelman getting the rest.  The last time these teams met, it went to overtime.  Maybe, just maybe, the Jets can serve up some humble pie.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Spogo will be up and rolling all day long!

Thanksgiving, Football and Spogo

I was originally under the impression that one of the perks of the entrepreneurial lifestyle was the freedom to do whatever I wanted. Well, over the past four months, that’s quickly been proven untrue. Because exciting life events occur with the frequency Carolina Panther wins, David and I often spend weeks salivating over those precious moments to come. And just before they arrive, after all the anticipation, we’ll look at each other and say, “Well, it’s all ahead of us…and it’s all downhill from here.” Thanksgiving is one of those moments that we’ve all been waiting for.

I’ve already caught myself staring blankly at my computer, completely immersed in a Thanksgiving daydream. I think about going home to see family and old friends, sleeping in my own bed, watching the Macy’s Day Parade, stuffing my face with the best meal of the year, and finally, watching football.

Football and Thanksgiving are like Beiber and Gomez, I can’t imagine them not together. Whether it’s playing catch in the backyard before shrimp cocktail, heading out to your local high school for the big Thanksgiving Day game, or watching the NFL nightcap while trying to comprehend how much food you just ate (and if you should go get more), football is one of the reasons why Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year (YUP, I said it).

With that theme in mind, I wanted to leave you with a few thoughts:

1)   Spogo will be live for all three NFL games on Thursday. So why not play all day? Maybe it will entertain you enough to stop eating.

2)   Team Spogo is happy to announce that The Hall at Patriot Place is now offering rewards through Spogo. Win some points and redeem a free tour! Make sure you block out enough time to see all the trophies. There are a lot of them 🙂

3)   Enjoy this song and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Week 11 Recap: Going… Going… Going?

We are 11 weeks into this NFL season, and there is absolutely no way to say one team is better than any other.  Altanta is the league’s best, right?  Well they lost to New Orleans last week, who lost to Denver a few weeks ago, who lost to New England a few weeks ago, who went to OT with the Jets, who lose a lot.  Having trouble following yet?  Every time a team gets hot, they stumble and lose or go to overtime with a sub-.500 team.  But what can we do but follow trends, preview matchups, and scratch our heads like monkeys at the madness that is.  After the first full week of Spogo, we’ll try to give that scalp a break and try to draw some sense out of this.


Colin Kaepernick (QB, San Francisco 49ers)

If anyone deserves to have a photo in my blog for the preview and recap, it’s Colin.

Colin went out and stomped the usually heady Bears defense.  He completed 16 of 23 for 243 yards and 2 TDs.  Some people might not consider 243 yards to be “stomping” but his predecessor Alex Smith has started nine games and threw for more than that only once.  The 49ers now have a serious QB controversy that even head coach Jim Harbaugh recognized.  Kaepernick gives them a constant extra dimension on offense with his speed and would be my choice over Smith going forward.  It’s possible that Smith has benefitted from an offense that has out-performed his abilities, and now that there is someone with potential; they’re going to fly.  It’s too early to put Kaepernick on that level, we need to see a few more like this, but I love what I saw from him last night.

Matt Ryan (QB, Atlanta Falcons)

The Falcons got away with one at home, and Matt Ryan feels like the luckiest guy in the NFL.  After throwing 5 (yes, 5) interceptions the Falcons found a way to win and stay 9-1.  After a hot, MVP caliber start, Ryan has shown some growing (still) pains.  In his last 5 games, he has thrown 7 TDs and 9 INTS.  The Falcons are a complete football team, which allows them to overcome 5 interception games, but they can’t expect to get away with this often.  While maybe 2 of these interceptions weren’t Ryan’s fault; that still leaves 3.  Some of the throws even left me simply awestruck, they seemed mistakes a college freshman makes.

Calvin Johnson (WR, Detroit Lions)

            After struggling to find consistency early in the season, Johnson is back.  In his last two games Calvin has snagged 17 passes for 350 yards.  More telling than the yards, are the back-to-back TDs in games.  He’s only found the end zone three times this year, but is headed in the right direction.  There is no question that he possesses all the talents a man can be born with, so I expect this quality play to continue.  Whether it will make a difference on the Lions season remains to be seen.  While sitting at 4-6 and not out of the race quite yet, the Lions have the Falcons, Colts, Packers, Bears and Texans left on the schedule.  Tough, tough sledding. I don’t see them making the playoffs.


Indianapolis Colts @ New England Patriots

            The Patriots went off on Sunday.  Again.  They’ve scored 30+ points in five of their last seven games, and stacked up a season high 59 on

No spikes for 4-6 weeks in Foxborough.

Sunday.  It wasn’t just an explosive game for the Pats offensively, but the addition of Aqib Talib at the trade deadline already has paid off, as he returned a Luck interception for a touchdown in his first outing.  They finished with two interceptions for touchdowns, and showed some bite.  The Pats went back to their two-back split in the run game, and while neither back had an explosive game, they still ran the ball 25 times and amassed 115 yards (in large part to a 47 yard Edelman rush).  They’ll miss Gronkowski who broke his forearm while on extra point blocking duties.  Before this happened I didn’t even know he was in on extra point coverage.  As for the Colts, this was the yardstick test, and it’s clear they have some work to do to compete with the top teams.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans

            So, so, so close.  This was one of those games that left us pondering the definition of “NFL’s best”.  We know the Texans can score points, they probably have a top-three offense in the league, but their defense has shown that it is susceptible to giving up points in bunches.  The Broncos put up 25 on them and the Packers exposed the secondary for 42.  Fine.  It’s Rodgers and Manning.  But Chad Henne comes in and throws for 354 yards and 4 TDs?  I’m a big Michigan fan and Henne gave me some great years, but he is eons from the Rodgers-Manning level.  Expect the Lions to eat up the Jacksonville game tape as they prepare for this reeling Texans team on Turkey Day.

Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Even Ray knows he got blanketed by the Steelers.

There are few things harder to watch than a team put up yards, but come away with nothing.  Apart from the 31-yard scamper by Byron Leftwich in the first quarter, the Steelers had one of those games.  They had 311 total yards compared to the 200 of the Ravens.  It was three turnovers and a lapse on punt coverage that sealed their fate.  What may be worse is they lost Leftwich to a broken rib, and will have to start Charlie Batch (he’s 37, I looked it up) next week.  The Ravens have lacked consistency offensively.  They’ve exploded on two weeks for 44 and 55 points, but have also put up only 13 points in two of their last four.  They’ll need to become more consistent going into the end of this season.

Spogo Status Update

Here at Spogo, we don’t have to try very hard to stay busy.  It’s often very helpful when we bullet out lists and go through a quick status update to keep ourselves on track.  While this isn’t a direct copy-paste from one of our own statuses, I thought it might be a good way to update our readership on a number of Spogo happenings.  Here goes:

The App

  • Most who have been using the app know that there are some issues that interfere with gameplay.  We should have an update on a newer version within the next 7-10 days.
  • A few of the major issues relate to speed and push notifications.  Our development team has been working hard to fix all of these problems to give our users a much better gameplay experience with our next version.  (Group chat will be back too, don’t worry).

User Feedback

  • With all “issues” aside, users who have been playing are enjoying the quality and quantity of the questions.  We have been seeing some great, engaged and very loyal early-adopter users.
  • We’ve also had some helpful suggestions for different ways to pose and display questions and open wagers.  Once we sort out the high-priority app fixes, we’ll start putting our users’ great ideas into our development plans.  Keep the feedback coming, please!


  • Thank you to everyone who was a part of our Launch Party at Duke’s in NYC.  It was a huge success, there was a great turnout and everyone had a lot of fun.  Andrew and I are lucky to have so much support.  Boston, we promise there is something coming for you.
  • Nearly every of our ~50 sports bar partners across Boston has our marketing materials (banners, table tents, coasters, flyers, etc.) visible.  Starting in the next couple weeks, we’ll also have street teams bouncing around to our partners to encourage football fans to play Spogo.  Wouldn’t you?

If they tell you to play Spogo, you will play Spogo. I bet all my points on that.

Be sure to play some Spogo tonight for Monday Night Football, Bears vs. 49ers.  Hope everyone has a great (and short) week leading up to Thanksgiving.

Patriots Patter: Week 11

Patriots require very little luck to win this one, 59 – 24. Sorry.

Coach B, you are a real SOB. How could you do this to Deion.  I understand you have to get more time for Julian Edelman, I understand he doesn’t play special teams. Who, I ask you, is going to sit on the bench next to #12 and soothe his fragile ego after an ill fated play?

That being said, Julian Edelman very nearly had a game no other Patriot in the 52 year history of the team ever had. Namely getting touchdowns with a run,  pass reception, and punt return. I am waiting for a sideline pass to him, followed by a TD pass. After all, Edelman played quarterback at Kent State.

In addition to his typical Gronk game (two touchdown receptions) he also teamed up with Visanthe Shiancoe to take out three guys on a running touchdown in the 3rd quarter.

The Aqib Talib era started today with very mixed results. He gave up two TD’s and intercepted one to get a TD. Let’s see -2 +1= -1. He does however look like one of the more athletic players on the team.

Matt Patricia (defensive coordinator), good for you to finally figure out in the tenth game of the season that you have a young aggressive group that needs to blitz every now and then.  Matt, do us all a favor, scrap the “bend don’t break” scheme and let guys like Mayo and Spikes go after it.

I’m hoping that Chandler Jones wasn’t injured too badly today. With some experience he has the potential to be a Jason Pierre Paul type of guy. His injury gave Trevor Scott the opportunity to get his uniform dirty. He didn’t look bad.

If I heard it correctly, Adam Vinatieri is forty years old. As many of my older readers know, George Blanda  kicked (and occasionally played quarterback) until he was 47.

I am still not ruling out those Jets. If for some reason they are able to upset us on Thursday they are back in the hunt. Mark S, for some crazy reason, plays well against the Patriots.

Enjoy the turkey, cranberry sauce, etc., send the relatives home early, have that turkey sandwich and tune in at 8:20 PM.

Pats win big, 59-24

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