WAIT…There’s more rewards?!

On Monday we unveiled our list of rewards providers in Boston and New York. As you now know, when Spogo goes live, you’ll be able to redeem rewards at any of those locations. From a plate of nachos at Game On! to a pitcher of beer at The Bullpen to a V.I.P. Party for 50 at the Pour House, Spogo has you covered.

While we’re extremely excited about our local partners, we didn’t overlook those loyal Spogo users outside of Boston and New York. This morning, we’d like to announce Kiip Rewards, a Spogo feature that rewards all users, regardless of location.

Playing Spogo in Kansas? Idaho? Russia? Kiip will reward you with a real life prize, no matter where you play.

Kiip has built a platform that allows apps to offer rewards for certain achievements or milestones reached by users within the app. They’re essentially reshaping mobile advertising by replacing the disruptive experience of banner ads with an integrated, rewarding experience.

When a specific milestone is reached, the user can claim a reward by entering their email address. The brand will then fulfill the reward. Kiip has partnered with companies like Pop Chips, Starbucks, Pepsi, Best Buy and Sony to offer a wide range of compelling prizes. You’ll win gift certificates, online shopping discounts and much more.

While playing Spogo, you’ll unlock a Kiip reward with the following achievements:

**Win over 200 points on a single wager**
**Invite 5 friends to join Spogo**

Just as we’ve always promised, with Spogo, you don’t just watch. You WIN.


About andrew

Co-Founder of Spogo, an interactive and rewarding second-screen experience for sports fans.

3 responses to “WAIT…There’s more rewards?!”

  1. Andrew McCloy says :

    This is totally awesome. I can’t believe I can get all of these appetizers for FREE!! Just for having fun playing SPOGO — “the Appetizing App!”

  2. Jmclouis says :

    Wouldn’t the troops in the off reaches of the world be drawn to home with SPOGO? In s stand down, “Time to connect with SPOGO.”

  3. Jmclouis says :

    Andrew and David now is the time to start keeping a journal about the way SPOGO came into existence. It would be a funny script and an even funnier wager. Are there metrics to measure this kind of business? It’s all about stats. Oh Jerry Remy was one of four Red Sox players to have 6 hits in a game.

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