Good morning,

Just over a year ago, the idea for Spogo was born.  Today, we can proudly say that Spogo, once just a crazy idea between two long-time friends and sports fans, is finally real.

Today, you can download Spogo on the App Store:    https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/spogo/id568987730?ls=1&mt=8

We are thrilled to be partnered with over 50 sports bars across Boston and New York, all of which will be offering rewards through Spogo this season.

You will be able to play Spogo for every NFL game from now through the end of the Super Bowl.  Watch your favorite teams, wager virtual points while predicting the outcomes of plays, and win free beers, half-off nachos and much more.  That’s a pretty cool experience for a sports fan.

This is Spogo version 1.0.  We are already working diligently to update and improve the app so that we can get ahead of any issues that interfere with a smooth and fun user experience.  We encourage your feedback through all channels: app reviews, email, our blog and social media pages.

Beyond this season, we’ll be building an even bigger, better predictive platform that engages and rewards fans for doing what they love.

We’ll continue keeping our followers apprised of any noteworthy updates but, until then, follow our progress  right here on the blog.  Looking forward to an exciting season, and the first of many.

Don’t just watch. Win.

-Team Spogo

NOTE: As some of you may know, our best friend Zach (also known as Spogo’s Godfather) deployed to Afghanistan early this morning.  He is the reason Andrew and I met and, without him, it is unlikely we’d be where we are right now.  It couldn’t have been more fitting that, not only the day before he left, but on his birthday no less, did Spogo officially launch.  We’ll all be thinking of him and wishing him a safe and quick return.  We love you, Zach.



About david

Co-Founder, Spogo

2 responses to “SPOGO HAS LAUNCHED”

  1. WPS says :

    Good luck and Godspeed to Zach. And best of luck to the Spogo team. You’ve worked really hard to get here. Now you have to work even harder to get to the goal line. I know you can do it.

  2. Mimi says :

    I am so happy for David and Andrew and all the Spogo team. Although Zach is in Afghanistan, he is still the Godfather and watching over you two to make sure you do it right. How fitting to have this launch on his birthday. Godspeed Spogo and Godspeed Zach.


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