Patriots Patter: Week 10

If I were a Bills fan, you would have heard the obscenities all the way from Rochester. With their numerous penalties and overall stupid play, they lost a very winnable game. Before I lost count, Bills O-lineman Chris Hairston (75) had four penalties called on him.

Devin, I would like to send out a formal apology to you. Today you played like a first round draft pick, at safety. That interception  you made to win the game allows us to forget about some of your earlier transgressions. I would like to propose a motion to “The Nation” to keep you at safety.

The play of Stevan Ridley is such that I almost can’t think of the name of his predecessor. I think it was something like Ben Hur or Ben Law. 

Donald Thomas and Nick McDonald both continue to see significant playing time each week. I don’t see much of a falloff in either the run game or the passing game when they’re on the field.

Wes Welker must have his thoughts elsewhere (the fiscal cliff perhaps…nah). It seems like almost every week he drops an easy one. Deion (real first name is Anthony) Branch on the other hand seems much more focused. Do you notice that he always sits on the bench next to Tom Brady? Probably wants to get himself on TV.

When game announcer Ian Eagle said it was Jerod Mayo who tackled CJ Spiller five yards out of bounds, I thought for sure he had it wrong. He and Dan Fouts are starting to grow on me.

Chan Gailey’s decision to go for it on fourth and four, rather than the field goal, with about seven minutes to play was very unorthodox. But it worked.

Coach BB’s decision to take the three points with about four minutes remaining would have been talk show fodder if the Bills were able to get a TD. Now, no one will remember it.

I think earlier in the season Stephen Gostkowski  was one missed kick away from being sent packing. Now it seems like it never happened.

I think I am going to need to do some flexing, now that next week’s game versus the Dolphins has been moved to 4:30pm. I’m also thinking that it could be a trap game.

Patriots 37 – Bills 31


About Larry Liberfarb

Contributing Editor for Spogo, Author of Patriots Patter

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