Week 10 Recap: Spogo’s Second Power Rankings

After weeks of planning, hard work by few, and perseverance: Spogo became a reality this week.  While Andrew admitted there is plenty of work to be done, it’s exciting to say the least.  Week 11 was a quintessential NFL weekend, and why this league has become so so fun.  There were upsets, close games (or ties), and miraculous individual efforts.  What better way to break into the Spogo season that with some good ol’ power rankings.  Let’s look at the league’s top 5 times, and some honorable mentions.  It won’t even cost you any Spogo points.

Spogo Power Rankings

1.  Houston Texans (8-1)

J.J. “S.W.A.T.” Watt is a top Defensive Player of the Year candidate

The Houston Texans rolled into a sopping wet atmosphere in Chicago and scratched out a 13-6 win on Sunday night.  It wasn’t the passing game that stood out, but it allowed the Texans to show they truly are the complete package.  We know they have some great receivers, but with the passing game unnerved by the elements, the defense and running game shined.  They rushed for 127 yards on a team that gives up 92.3 a game on average.  Also, Arian Foster stuffed in a rushing TD, only the second that the Bears have given up all year.  Their defense also got it done, holding the bears to 134 yards passing.  This team is relatively healthy, and if they stay that way, will be a force come January.

2.  Atlanta Falcons (8-1)

            I can’t say I’m shocked by their loss this weekend.  The Saints are as hot of a team as any and it is simply so hard to win every game in a season.  I think this takes some pressure and unneeded media attention off this team.  They still have the pieces, but their defense got gashed for 148 yards rushing and almost 300 yards passing.  The Falcons do not have one of the league’s “dominant” defenses, but they are much better than this performance.  At least they have that Matt Ryan guy, 411 yards and three touchdowns? Just another day at the office.

3.  Chicago Bears (7-2)

Jay Cutler has had a tremendous ride.  He’s gone from leading man, to scapegoat, and back again.  There’s no doubt he means a lot to this Bears team.  On Sunday, after crossing the 50-yardline while scrambling around, he delivered a nice ball over the middle for a first down.  The only problem was he took an absolute blast to the head on the play.  Report from the Bears this morning is that he’s not exhibiting symptoms of a concussion, which is good for the Bears.  Their defense is as dominant as it’s ever been, but their offense needs Cutler to make a run in the playoffs.

4.  Denver Broncos (6-3)

Eric Decker: “I salute you, Sir Manning, for coming to Denver and saving our passing game.”

With the Giants and 49ers losing, and the Packers on a bye, the Broncos jump up the rankings.  After starting 2-3, Peyton has led this team on a 4-game win streak.  Forget the days of Tebow’s inaccuracy, the Broncos now rank 3rd in the league in passing yards per game at almost 300.  The defense is starting to find their form, holding teams to under 15 points two of their last three games.  Right now there is no hotter team in the league.  Their remaining schedule is also much easier.  This team could easily finish 12-4.

5.  Baltimore Ravens (7-2)

Scoring 35 points in the NFL is a lot.  Scoring 55 points is just absurd.  On Sunday, the Ravens scored every way possible: a Flacco rushing TD, a Ray Rice Rushing TD, a Sam Koch rushing TD (yes, he’s the punter), a few Flacco passing TDs, and a kick off return by Jacoby Jones in the 4th quarter.  I’m sure Ray Lewis is sitting on his couch wondering where this was when he was on the field.  A few weeks ago I said Flacco was going to have to step up and start to lead this team.  He’s doing his best, but the defense has to pick it up for them to make a Super Bowl run.

Honorable Mentions

Green Bay Packers

            It’s hard to slide off the power rankings while not playing, but the Packers are in dire need of some R&R.  Rodgers is running out of receivers to throw to.  With Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson sidelined, the Packers have been leaning on James Jones and Randall Cobb.  They need to get healthy if they’re planning on being relevant in the playoffs, because we know their defense isn’t going to help.

Indianapolis Colts

            There are other teams that deserve a spot in honorable mentions, (Pats, Giants, Steelers) but the Colts are too interesting to

Luck and the Colts shave their heads for Pagano. Love the message, not sold on the look.

leave out.  They’ve won four games in a row, and five out of their last six.  Their defense is utilitarian and the offense lacks a running game, but the power of emotional motivation cannot be understated.  They have come together as a family to help their head coach, and even in his unfortunate circumstances, Pagano has found a way to help them.

San Francisco 49ers

There hasn’t been a tie since 2008 when the Eagles’ Donovan McNabb didn’t even know the game ended after one OT.  I’m pretty sure it was clear this time, but no one could do anything about it.  After Alex Smith got knocked out of the game, it became clear the 9ers weren’t playing to win, but not to lose.  They didn’t trust Kaepernick, and Akers missed a totally makeable kick to win it.  Most importantly, they lost me 2,500 Spogo points in three questions by not wrapping this game up by the 2nd quarter.  Shame on them.


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