Spogo Launch Party – NYC

Friends: Tonight, we shall party.

I’m going to keep this quick, simple and poorly written. If you are attending the Spogo Launch Party tonight at Duke’s in NYC (Gramercy Park location), you must follow these instructions:

1) Download Spogo
2) Visit the RewardZone
4) Unlock it for 1 point
5) Bring your phone to Duke’s on Friday night
6) Show the CLAIM screen to whoever is checking people into the party
7) Have the best night of your life

If you do not have an iPhone just say “Andrew”, “David” or “Matt” at the door. Then go buy an iPhone so you can play Spogo – or we will de-friend you from Facebook!!

For those of you wondering about our Boston party, it’s getting a little late to celebrate “launch”, but don’t worry, we have some exciting plans in the works.

See many of you tonight,

Team Spogo

Free wings tonight? Don’t mind if I DO!



About andrew

Co-Founder of Spogo, an interactive and rewarding second-screen experience for sports fans.

3 responses to “Spogo Launch Party – NYC”

  1. Mimi says :

    You better have a Spogo party in Boston because I want to come!


  2. Andrew McCloy says :

    Party!!! I heard JayZ and Beyonce will be there…just a rumour….

  3. Marcy says :

    Congratulations to Team Spogo on the NYC launch party. Wish we could be there but looking forward to the events in Boston. Be safe and enjoy the evening. You deserve it. xoxo

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