Patriots Patter: Week 11

Patriots require very little luck to win this one, 59 – 24. Sorry.

Coach B, you are a real SOB. How could you do this to Deion.  I understand you have to get more time for Julian Edelman, I understand he doesn’t play special teams. Who, I ask you, is going to sit on the bench next to #12 and soothe his fragile ego after an ill fated play?

That being said, Julian Edelman very nearly had a game no other Patriot in the 52 year history of the team ever had. Namely getting touchdowns with a run,  pass reception, and punt return. I am waiting for a sideline pass to him, followed by a TD pass. After all, Edelman played quarterback at Kent State.

In addition to his typical Gronk game (two touchdown receptions) he also teamed up with Visanthe Shiancoe to take out three guys on a running touchdown in the 3rd quarter.

The Aqib Talib era started today with very mixed results. He gave up two TD’s and intercepted one to get a TD. Let’s see -2 +1= -1. He does however look like one of the more athletic players on the team.

Matt Patricia (defensive coordinator), good for you to finally figure out in the tenth game of the season that you have a young aggressive group that needs to blitz every now and then.  Matt, do us all a favor, scrap the “bend don’t break” scheme and let guys like Mayo and Spikes go after it.

I’m hoping that Chandler Jones wasn’t injured too badly today. With some experience he has the potential to be a Jason Pierre Paul type of guy. His injury gave Trevor Scott the opportunity to get his uniform dirty. He didn’t look bad.

If I heard it correctly, Adam Vinatieri is forty years old. As many of my older readers know, George Blanda  kicked (and occasionally played quarterback) until he was 47.

I am still not ruling out those Jets. If for some reason they are able to upset us on Thursday they are back in the hunt. Mark S, for some crazy reason, plays well against the Patriots.

Enjoy the turkey, cranberry sauce, etc., send the relatives home early, have that turkey sandwich and tune in at 8:20 PM.

Pats win big, 59-24


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Contributing Editor for Spogo, Author of Patriots Patter

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