Patriots Patter: Week 12

Four J-E-T-S fumbles lead to a delicious Thanksgiving feast for Patriots. Even the most rabid Pats fan had to feel sorry for Gang Green last night.

Sanchez and company looked like they were thinking more about midnight madness sales than football.

The only tasteless dish on the menu for Patriots fans, was the helmet to helmet hit that Julian Edelman absorbed. Edelman the recipient of a TD reception and a fumble recovery TD has been really coming on. Hopefully his head injury won’t derail him for too long.

Highlight reel memory from last night was a play made by Vince Wilfork. #75 stopped Jets lineman Brandon Moore cold causing a chain reaction stop of Mark Sanchez. Vince then pancaked both of them.

Last night OL coach Dante Scarnecchia again exhibited his ability to turn almost anyone over 300 lbs into an NFL quality lineman. With right tackle Sebastian Vollmer unable to go, Marcus Cannon was called upon to fill in. Cannon’s name was barely mentioned by the announcers, and his number not called for a penalty by the referees.

Added to the bright spot department is one Shane Vereen. “Don’t call me Ben” has come into his own finally, and is becoming a dependable reliever for fellow bright spot Stevan Ridley.

It’s hard to find criticism of any Patriots after back to back drubbings of opponents, but I have two I need to get off my chest.

  1. I keep on waiting for Brandon Lloyd to “stretch the field” or do something to wow me. This is not an Ocho Stinko case by any means. Brandon knows the plays, seemingly runs crisp pass routes, and doesn’t get “the you f’d up look” from Tom Brady.
  2. To the casual observer (me), Dont’a Hightower always seems to be trailing the play or in the wrong spot. Maybe I am missing something, or maybe I am too impatient, but it’s week 12 and this guy was a first round pick. Let’s hope that he is just one of those guys that takes a little bit longer to get it.

One last observation that I keep hoping will change, is the inconsistency of Stephen Gostkowski. It seems like he is back into a slump. Clutch last minute FG’s win playoff games, wide rights send you home to watch on the 52”.

A week from Sunday, tune in at 1 PM for the Dolphins. BB will have to work hard to keep his guys focused on that one, and not thinking about the showdown the following week with the Texans.

Enjoy your weekend.

Patriots-49 Jets-19


About Larry Liberfarb

Contributing Editor for Spogo, Author of Patriots Patter

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