Welcome to the TeamZone

We’ve told you how to play Spogo, how to win points and how to use them to unlock great rewards. But we haven’t really told you about the third zone of Spogo—and what really makes Spogo social:

The TeamZone

When you enter the TeamZone, you’ll see the INVITE page where you can invite your friends to join you in the Spogoverse.  You can click the Facebook icon to send a short wall post to any of your friends that invites them to sign up to play Spogo.  For each friend that joins, you receive a nice little point bonus.  You can also search through the entire pool of all current Spogo players and add users to your Friends list.

Invite friends from Facebook or Spogo.

Your FRIENDS page is your Spogo buddy list.  Click on a user and view their Profile, or click the chat bubble icon to enter into a 1-on-1 chat.  Never do you have to exit the app during gameplay to text your friend “Ha! You suck at Spogo! <Insert profane insult here>!”—just enter the TeamZone and use Spogo Chat!

View friends’ profiles or enter Spogo Chat.

When you have a Spogo Friend Request, you’ll get a notification that directs you to the REQUESTS page where you can confirm or reject someone’s friendship.  It’s just like Facebook, only way less people use it!

Another sub-area of the TeamZone is your PROFILE page (just click the icon that looks like a head on the upper right corner of the screen).  This is where you can see all the activity from you and your friends within Spogo, as well as edit your own user info (favorite movie, athlete, team, etc.).  Also, be sure to scroll over to your STATS page to see some interesting data on your Spogo gameplay.

This is my Spogo profile.

Check your Spogo Stats.


While the TeamZone is certainly a less-utilized area than the GameZone or RewardZone, it is still a fun and useful feature that users should know how to use.  Add friends, get point bonuses, chat and talk trash to your hearts’ content.

This Friday, look out for our first series of featured rewards partners for some insider tips on where to play Spogo on Sundays…


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