EXTREME Spogo-ing

Over the past few months we’ve bombarded you with articles about football and Spogo. It makes sense, since we just launched for NFL only this season. However, this is far from our final destination. In the future, we see Spogo as a predictive platform far all sports, and maybe even beyond.

We’ll likely tackle the big four sports first (football, baseball, basketball and hockey), and then move on to international games such as soccer, golf, rugby and cricket.  Maybe we can cover Olympic sports like wrestling, sailing, figure skating or synchronized swimming. But why stop there? Now maybe I’m reaching here (OK, yes I am reaching), but what if we took an ESPN 8 “The Ocho” approach? Now these sports deserve videos:

American Freestyle Canoeing – This guy killed it. The Justin Beiber of the Canoeing world.


Japanese Botaoshi – Not sure what’s going on here, but you never want to be the guy sitting on top of a pole.


Shin Kicking – Pretty sure this was a daily sport I played throughout childhood with my brother.


Extreme Ironing – I can’t even iron a shirt in the comfort of my own home.


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About andrew

Co-Founder of Spogo, an interactive and rewarding second-screen experience for sports fans.

3 responses to “EXTREME Spogo-ing”

  1. Andrew McCloy says :

    This is truly an amazing game. My thumbs are absolutely calloused because of how much I have played it since it launched. And my waist line has expanded from all winnings I have made. Spogo is fantastic and your sponsors are the best!

  2. Shelley Vassallo says :

    These videos are hysterical!!! There is a sport out there for everyone!
    Dream big..you always have!! GO SPOGO!!

  3. Mimi says :

    What about thumb wrestling? Now there’s a real sport.


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