Week 13 Preview: Get Your Spogo Points Here

All this NFL information and wisdom for what?  What good is this powerful knowledge if it can’t be applied to our lives?  It’s time I tell you how to spend your Spogo points or what questions to look for.  How to not just watch, but to WIN.  I’ll break down the questions to look for and some pre-game questions to bid on.  You want half price wings, a free beer, or a Spogo tee shirt?  Look no further, I’ll make sure you get full, drunk and clothed this weekend.


New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins – New England Patriots 1:00 PM EST

Tannehill is the x-factor in this one,

            We have no yardstick for this game, as these two teams have not yet met this year.  This Miami defense has given up 21 points only three times this year and rank 7th in rush defense.  The only time they’ve seen an offense as gifted as the Pats was Week 1 against the Texans.  Even that is debatable.  This Pats offense is on fire, and I don’t expect them to slow down.  In the pre-game questions, who will win the game seems obvious: the Patriots.  But with little return on investment there, look to the 50.5 over/under.  Personally, I like the under here.  I see the score ending in a 27-13 or even 30-17 Pats win.  As for during the game, bet points liberally on the Patriots offense, will they make it to the Dolphins 50-yardline? Probably.

Arizona Cardinals @ New York Jets – Sunday 1:00 PM EST

            Both of these teams desperately need a win… and I mean desperately.  Arizona has lost seven games in a row after a 4-0 start, and the Jets

Look for Beanie Wells to get the goal-line carries.

have lost four of their last five.  Both have really good pass defenses (top-five in the league).  The over/under on total points in this game could be a little tight, if I was going to bet on it, I’d probably take the under.  As for the “Will Sanchez throw 2 TD’s?” question, throwing 2 TDs in this league should be easy, but he has only done it only twice this year.  Against a top-five pass defense, I don’t see this changing.  Bet the under.  During this game, bet on defense, maybe take a long shot on a turnover, and if anything offensive comes up, bet on the run, as both teams have struggled on run defense.

Philidelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys – Sunday 8:20 PM EST

The NFL must have seen this match-up at the beginning of the year and thought it would make a spectacular Sunday night game.  Now, this division is quickly slipping from

The New Al Davis?

the Cowboys reach, and the Eagles…yikes.  It seems that Nick Foles is going to start for the still-injured Michael Vick.  The Cowboys defense has been solid this year, ranking 9th in pass-defense and 13th against the run.  This is largely due to the way they started the season, and has not been their trend in recent weeks.  Last time these two teams met (just 3 weeks ago) they scored 61 points.  The over/under on total points is 43.5.  Bet over.  If you’re looking for a long shot, look no further than the pregame question “What will there be more of: Phili TDs or turnovers?”  Rookies Bryce Brown (running back) and Nick Foles (quarterback) have both had ball security and interception issues.  We could easily see more turnovers than TDs.

New York Giants @ Washington Redskins – Monday 8:30 PM EST

            This game is going to be a shootout.  A Clint Eastwood, old school shootout.  The Redskins have not scored less than 21 points in any game this year.  Both of these teams have absolutely atrocious pass defenses.  The Redskins rank 31st against the pass, while the Giants are 25th.  Last time these two met, they put up 50 points, so bet points on offensive questions.  The over/under on total points is 51.5.  While they put up 50 points last time, I would bet the over, as both these offenses are clicking right now, and all signs point to the over.  “Who will throw more touchdowns?”  Call me biased, but I’m taking Eli Manning or the tie.  RG III has been an absolute monster throwing 4 TDs in his last two games, I’m just not sure he can keep that up after watching what the Giants did to Aaron Rodgers.


Go bet, win, and eat/drink your face off, on Spogo!  Best of luck to all users this weekend.


About Patrick Fenn

Director of Content and Community for Spogo, an interactive and rewarding second-screen experience for sports fans.

3 responses to “Week 13 Preview: Get Your Spogo Points Here”

  1. Rachel says :

    No love for the saints thursday night re-match with the falcons?!?! I sense a distinct northeast slant happening. I know my brother will not care about this opinion.
    -spogo sis

    • andrew says :

      You were born a Patriots fan and you will stay that way. I sense a shift in allegiance. We can de-activate your account I hope you know!
      – Mimzy123

  2. Mimi says :

    As I have said before, I don’t know a lot about what you are writing, but I love the way you write!


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