Spogo Version 2.0 Now Available!

Dear Spogo-verse,

We are happy to announce that Spogo Version 2.0 is available for download in the App Store. You’ve been patient (often extremely patient) and helpful over the first four weeks of Spogo.  With your feedback in mind, we’ve made some critical updates to the application that will vastly improve your Spogo experience.

In Spogo 2.0, you’ll find the following:

– Faster gameplay speed and loading times
– Group chat functionality restored
– Auto-refresh for new questions enabled
– Push notification consistency improved
– Other minor bugs/glitches fixed

All you have to do now is visit the App Store, and update your Spogo. Don’t worry, you’ll keep your account and won’t lose any points. Keep in mind that you’ll need to update in order to continue playing, because the current version will soon be deactivated.

See you for Thursday night football!

Team Spogo


Update in the App Store today!

Update in the App Store today!



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About andrew

Co-Founder of Spogo, an interactive and rewarding second-screen experience for sports fans.

One response to “Spogo Version 2.0 Now Available!”

  1. Andrew McCloy says :

    Congrats on 2.0!!! Keep going!

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