Week 13 Quick Recap: The Best Rookie QB Class… Ever?

Can anyone dispute that Andrew Luck, RG III, and Russell Wilson have taken their talents to their respective cities and shocked this league?  Even some of the best prospects that start their rookie season absolutely tank.  I will give all my Spogo points (25,000 of them) to anyone who can find a better example than the one and only Jamarcus Russell.  His combine stats were otherworldly.  He could throw a pass 60 yards… while sitting on his rump.  Then came the whole, actually playing the game thing…  yeah, not so much.  So, while we’ve seen people say, “he’s the next Joe Montana/Steve Young”, ninety-five percent of the time, they’re wrong.  This rookie class (so far, and I stress so far) has surpassed expectations, culminating in these three players changing the outcome of their games of Week 13.

Andrew Luck (Indianapolis Colts)

I'm sure Luck was complimentary after the game, but it doesn't seem like Stafford wanted to hear it.

I’m sure Luck was complimentary after the game, but it doesn’t seem like Stafford wanted to hear it.

With 8:41 remaining, and the Lions up 33-21, no one seriously expected the Colts to recover (especially after not scoring a point for 30+ minutes).  Well, that Chuckstrong stuff is still working really well, because the Colts scored a TD with 2:39 left (a 42-yard dart to LaVon Brazill).  Luck then drove them down the field and threw a TD pass to Donnie Avery with no time left.  Despite throwing three interceptions, I feel that this was Andrew Luck’s best game.  Luck threw a plethora of downfield passes, and displayed amazing accuracy on many throws.  With that win, he is the NFL rookie QB win leader (during the Super Bowl era), breaking Sam Bradford’s record of 7 wins.  That’s right, four weeks left, and Luck has already broken the wins record.  Who on this earth expected the Colts to be 8-4 right now?

Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks)

            With the amount of spotlight needed for RG III and Luck, Wilson gets left in the dark sometimes.  But not today!  While he doesn’t have the raw prototypical “NFL-style” game, he wins.  He’s an amazingly efficient game manager, who stepped up on Sunday against the Bears, throwing late TD to take the lead in the 4th quarter, and one in overtime through an extremely small window to Sidney Rice for the win.  Did I mention this was against the Bears defense?  What was great to see was he used his legs a bit more than average, rushing for 71 yards.  Russell has not thrown an interception in his last four contests, which is remarkable for any QB, let alone a rookie.

Robert Griffin III (Washington Redskins)

This image happened probably 30 times last night... sigh.

This image happened probably 30 times last night… sigh.

            As a Giants fan, I’m a bit irate right now.  It’s multifaceted.  We lost last night, and it wasn’t all RG III’s fault.  The worst part is, deep down, I love watching RG III. There. I said it.  I just watched him get chased about by some of the fastest defensive lineman in the NFL, and all they caught was air.  Not only did he avoid a single sack, he lead a game winning drive in the 4th quarter, capped off by a TD pass to Pierre Garcon.  Then, when it came time to keep Eli Manning off the field, he made a clutch throw over the middle, and good zone option reads to keep the Giants offense sidelined.  What worries me about RG III is, like Vick, he puts himself out there to be hit.  Often.  He is one of those competitors who cares more about the battle and winning than himself, which is noble.  But noble doesn’t always keep your bones from breaking or allow you to remember your first name when you take a head to head collision.

I think it’s safe to say, this rookie crop have had an unprecedented level of success at the NFL level.  Now if only Joey Harrington was in this class…


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