Spogo Featured Rewards: NFL Week 15

It’s mid-December, and we’re neck deep in ornaments, wrapping paper and reindeer feces.  That’s right, the holidays are almost here, and whether you are celebrating the birth of Christ, or whether you’re flippin’ latkes (or some other offensively-phrased December-time holiday activity), ’tis the season–for Spogo.  And here are some nice little gifts, from us to you:


We caught Pat Patriot Spogo'ing at CBS Scene last night. Where the hell were you?

We caught Pat Patriot Spogo’ing at CBS Scene Thursday night. Where the hell were you?

Free nachos, buy one get one free entrees, or free desserts.  What better place to watch Tom Brady zinging spirals into the end zone than right next door to hometown Gillette?


Midtown’s own Sutton Place. Three stories of raw Spogo playing power.

Any football fan’s dream–three floors, great food, huge TV’s and yes, Spogo rewards.  Free nachos, free beers and free well drinks.  God, is there anything in this world that you can’t unlock playing Spogo?!? (Yes. Love.) So, get those elf-ears wiggling, those dreidels spinning, and make your way to one of Spogo’s featured rewards partners this Sunday. Happy Holidays, with plenty of love–from Team Spogo.


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