Week 15 Recap: The Chopping Block

By the end of Week 15, you have a pretty good idea of who will have a job come Fall 2013, and the unfortunate souls who will be out of a job or searching for a new one this off-season.  Job security in the NFL is like a leprechaun. You want it too exist, it would be awesome to see, but it’s just not real.  If Peyton Manning can get ousted, anyone can.  Who’s future is looking bleak?

Mark Sanchez (Quarterback (debatable), New York Jets)

Right now Sanchez is the back-up to Tebow. Who is the back-up to Greg McElroy.  That's right, they paid millions to have Tim Tebow, the season is crashing down, and they still won't start him.

Right now Sanchez is the back-up to Tebow. Who is the back-up to Greg McElroy. That’s right, they paid millions to have Tim Tebow, the season is crashing down, and they still won’t start him.

Mark’s career is similar to Melissa Joan-Hart’s, when it was good no one was saying anything.  Hell, even I watched Clarissa Explains It All.  But when it went south, it went south fast, and she/he has become the butt of many jokes.  Who’s to blame for this decline? It’s got to be Eva Longoria right? She starts dating the guy and his game goes out the window.  I suppose it’s possible, but it seems more likely that no one is to blame but Mark Sanchez.  He’s been a game manager at best (when they could run the ball), but was never capable of carrying a team.  The Jets gave him an extension, put their faith in him and it backfired.  So he’s riding the bench for the last two weeks.  But he’ll cost the Jets so much money against the cap (around $17 million) that it seems like he’ll be a Jet next year.  He may be down but he’s not quite out.  After all, what do the Jets have to lose by starting McElroy?  They can’t make the playoffs, so why not take a chance that McElroy can be the guy? If he’s not, at least their draft position gets better.

Andy Reid (Head Coach, Philadelphia Eagles)

Andy has had a rough, rough year, from burying his son before the season, to getting walloped in the NFC.  Maybe it’s best he gets a year off.  It’s quite hard to pinpoint exactly what happened to the Eagles this year.  Serious turnover issues and an underperforming defense led to questions, but even the offense was nothing remotely close to what it was supposed to be.  Reid will definitely get another crack at coaching if he wants it, but there is no way he keeps his job in Philadelphia.  Sometimes even good coaches and players don’t fit in places, and change of scene is what’s required.  It seems that’s what is happening here, I don’t doubt his ability to coach, but maybe he needs a year off.  Imagine if he left Philly and went straight to Dallas?  He’d have to wear a full suit of armor just to protect from things fans would throw at him.

The Arizona Cardinals Quarterbacks

"Hey Kurt, it's Larry again *muffled sobs*, please just call me back."

“Hey Kurt, it’s Larry again… *muffled sobs*, please just call me back.”

I doubt I have to spell this one out.  Unless you’ve been under a rock the entire season, you know how bad the Cardinals QB’s have been.  From Skelton to Kolb, to Lindley, it just doesn’t matter.  Kevin Kolb must watch tape of his weeks in Philadelphia and just wonder who that guy is.  Larry Fitzgerald probably rolls over in the middle of the night, picks up his phone, and hovers his finger over Kurt Warner’s number.  He probably writes texts and deletes them with “Baby Come Back” playing in the background.  Even Michael Floyd, a rookie, has to be ready to blow his lid.  Ryan Lindley, who has started since November 18th, has 0 TD passes with 6 interceptions.  That’s five weeks of play without a passing touchdown. Every time they think it can’t get worse with the next guy, it does.  I think it’s safe to say that Arizona will be pursuing a new QB this off-season.

Romeo Crennel (Head Coach, Kansas City Chiefs)

One of the best mean-mugs in the game.

One of the best mean-mugs in the game.

The Chiefs have run through coaches since Dick Vermeil (who only lasted 5 seasons).  It seems like Crennel is headed for the chopping block as well.  After rattling off some wins at the end of last year to secure his head coaching position, he’s won two games this year.  With Indy and Denver left on the schedule, something tells me he’ll stay at two wins.  It’s extremely hard to say that replacing Crennel is the right move.  Making a head coaching change every year or two is not going to create a cohesive unit.  However, losing the locker room (like it seems Andy Reid has) is the kiss of death for a coach.  No one can win without belief in the cause.


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