Patriots Patter: AFC Divisional Playoffs

Houston, we do not have a problem…..over and out.

Shane Vereen picked a fine time to show his stuff. In addition to the three TD’s, he did a good job on blitz pickups. After your rookie campaign, who would have thunk he had this in him. Certainly not I.

Kudos as well to backfield partner Stevan Ridley, for getting lots of tough yardage. The third partner, Daniel Woodhead, ESQ might be done for the year.

It’s obviously not a good thing that Rob Gronkowski is out for the playoffs, but it is a good thing that the Pats know how to win without him.

Welker, Welker, Welker. How does this shrimp play so big?

J.J. who? Offensive line had another good game. Next week you got to contend with Tyrell Suggs, and a very tough defensive unit.

Speaking of the Ravens, I sure hope they used up their luck this week getting by the Broncos. Was that really Champ Bailey suited up for Denver?

Rob Ninkovich, you continue to amaze us. You figure out a way to make your presence felt.

Scott O’Brien, Patriots special team coach, you have approximately 168 hours to figure out what happened to the kickoff coverage this week. They looked like a unit from the Rod Rust era.

Next Sunday’s start is at 6:30. Pats by 3, call Bookie Bloom.

Celebrating the impending win…Patriots take this one 41-28.


About Larry Liberfarb

Contributing Editor for Spogo, Author of Patriots Patter

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