Super Bowl Grades: Even A Power Outage Can’t Stop The Ravens

After all the hype, last night we finally crowned a champion of the NFL.  The hype was just; this game was everything we could have asked for.  Even the halftime show was great.  Coming off Madonna we had low expectations, I admit, but Beyonce was fantastic.  Because it’s the final recap, its only fair to hand out some final grades.  Time to see who’s going to grad school and who is working at Denny’s.

Joe Flacco: A

Flacco runs onto the field to celebrate.

Flacco runs onto the field to celebrate.

Joe Flacco was as cool as the other side of the pillow last night, a demeanor that he never lost throughout the contest.  He finished off his interception-less postseason with another gem, throwing for 287 yards and 3 TDs.  He was able to find soft spots in coverage after taking a few big hits during the game.  Flacco even managed to look mobile and elusive at times during this contest, something rarely associated with his game.  After finishing the year like this, there is no doubt the Ravens management wishes they had locked up this contract extension before the season.  After leading the Ravens through the toughest of AFC environments to the Super Bowl, then capping it off with an MVP award, he is going to make Drew Brees money.  There is simply no way the Ravens can get away with not paying him around $20 million a year.

The Superdome: B+

Yeah, I’m giving them a B+, because without that power outage, who knows what kind of second half we were in for.  Right before the 34-minute break, Jacoby Jones ran back a 108-yard kick return to open the half.  Nothing about this 49ers team said fight, but after that delay, they climbed their way back into contention.  We all know CBS wasn’t complaining about the extra airtime.

Jacoby Jones: A-

If Jacoby Jones had caught two more passes for around 10-15 yards a pop, he probably would have been named MVP, but with just one long TD catch, I don’t feel he was active enough throughout the game to get the votes necessary.  Regardless, that kick return was a thing of blazing beauty.  The closest person to touching him was the referee.  Great game for the little-known speedster.

Colin Kaepernick: B+

A new trend is born.

A new trend is born.

After a bit of a shaky start for the Kaep’n, he settled in to his game, and played like the dynamic football player we’ve all gotten used to seeing.  He finished with 302 passing yards, 1 TD, and 1 INT.  He also recorded the longest TD run by a QB in Super Bowl history while on his way to 62 yards rushing.  The 49ers did not lose this game because of Colin Kaepernick, and with all this young talent that surrounds him on both sides of the ball, they’ll undoubtedly find themselves in contention for many titles to come.

The Harbaugh Brothers: A

There cannot be two more animated coaches in the NFL, NCAA or even PAL leagues.  These two ran more yards than their wide receivers while gallivanting up and down the sidelines in their pursuit of referees to berate.  Momma Harbaugh must be embarrassed at the amount of curse words easily read off their lips, but at least they didn’t audibly drop an f-bomb after the game like Flacco.  At the end of the game, they exchanged a handshake that was clearly all they could muster.  These are two of the most competitive guys in the NFL, and while their mouths said “good game”, at least Jim’s demeanor said, “just wait until mom and dad fall asleep”.

Jim's stare is terrifying.

Jim’s stare is terrifying.

Commercials: C

I really missed the time and temperature by Commerce Bank this year, how else was I to know how cold it would be when I left the bar?


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