Spoogle and The Season That Was

After several months of hard work and preparation, Spogo officially launched on November 11, 2012—Week  10 of the NFL.  Since then, we’ve seen thousands of users make thousands of wagers, unlock thousands of rewards and win thousands upon thousands of points.  With the occasional (okay, frequent) bump in the road, app crash and Sandusky-related chat, you’ve stuck with us and had some fun along the way.  This week, Team Spogo would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who made this season so great.  Thank you.

A picture perfect...picture.  Spogo makes an appearance at Gillette Stadium.

A picture perfect…picture. Spogo makes an appearance at Gillette Stadium.

Your input over the past few months has helped and continues to help us mold Spogo into something great.  Who knows what it could have turned out to be without your help.   Well, looking back on Gchat conversations between me and Andrew from September, 2011, maybe this:

David: just thought of one
its called Spoogle
its a sports page/search engine
Andrew: how is it better than google
David: because the name Spoogle is more fun to say than google
Andrew: genius!

Or this:

Andrew: im gunna think really hard
David: is the absolute hardest part of the entire process
Andrew: harder than i’ve ever thunk
David: me too
Andrew: ok just start throwin things out there
Andrew: SLOX
the device that keeps your socks together in the washing machine
David: if we are going to dedicate our lives for however many years to this idea, we need to enjoy it
Andrew: i love socks!

Or this:

David: we both love sports
we both love food
Andrew: ok
what do you hate most about going to a sports game
David: 1) traffic going in and out
2) not enough leg room in the seats
3) prices for beer
Andrew: ok here is how i solve those problems
1) we invent a “public transportation” system
2) we create “luxury boxes”
3) open the parking lots early and have a “tailgate”
David: wow
im really liking this public transportation idea
tell me more

Or this:

Andrew: we could just start a company that takes simple products and makes them better…and create a store out of that
David: yea we should think more about user-generated content
Andrew: and call it “Brookstone”

From Spogo’s acceptance to the App Store to the legendary Spogo parties at Duke’s NYC and Game On! Boston to an epic Super Bowl run by…um…I forget who won already. Weird.  This season has been filled with some great highlights.  Please be sure to make good use of the Spogo points you’ve earned this season and unlock some great rewards over the next couple of weeks.

Our beautiful Spogo girl teaches these lucky fans how to play.

Our stunning Spogo girl Gretchen teaches these lucky fans how to play.

We would love if you participated in a survey to collect your feedback on Spogo from this season.  All entrants who provide an email address will be entered to win a customized NFL jersey.  Name, number, team of your choice.  We’ll even let you pick what size you want!  Here is the link for the survey:


Please pass it along to any friends who played Spogo this season.  Again, thank you for your support.  We hope that Spogo made the game day experience even better for you this season.  Look out for what’s next via an update on the blog later this week….


Team Spogo


About david

Co-Founder, Spogo

3 responses to “Spoogle and The Season That Was”

  1. Andrew McCloy says :

    You guys are the bomb! Proud of you for the Little Rhody experience. Unk Andy

  2. William Shack says :

    Greatly enjoyed the Spogo I experience, and am looking forward to Spogo’s next generation of second screen play.

  3. George Vallone says :

    Great idea guys..this thing is spreading like wildfire..keep up the good work!

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