Team Spogo Members Predict The MLB Season And More: Find Out Who Said What


Baseball season is upon us, and who knows more about sports than Team Spogo? If you want this MLB season foretold, keep reading, but you’ve been warned…

Question David Shack Andrew Vassallo Matt Sobel Patrick Fenn
Who will win the AL East? Red Sox Red Sox Blue Jays Rays
Who will win the NL West? Dodgers Giants Dodgers Dodgers
AL MVP? Dustin Pedroia Mike Trout Miguel Cabrera Evan Longoria
NL MVP? Ryan Braun Andrew McCutchen Clayton Kershaw Bryce Harper
AL Cy Young Winner?  Felix Hernandez John Lester Justin Verlander Justin Verlander
NL Cy Young Winner?  Clayton Kershaw Cliff Lee Clayton Kershaw Clayton Kershaw
World Series Champion? Red Sox Angels Angels Dodgers
Who will lead the MLB in home runs this season? Jose Bautista Bryce Harper Adam Dunn Giancarlo Stanton
Mike Trout hit .326 last season, will his average improve or decline? Decline (.310) Improve Decline (but not by much) Decline (.318)
If there was a zombie apocalypse and you had to pick three professional athletes to be on your “Walking Dead” style team, who would they be? 1. Prince Fielder (swings a big bat) 

2. Eli Manning (would have no problem sacrificing him to a pack of zombies to save myself)

3. Metta World Peace (can see him really enjoying fighting/eating zombies)

1. Ray Lewis. If he can get away with murder in real life, imagine what he could do during a zombie apocalypse. First pick, any day of the week. 

2. Usain Bolt. Just jump on his back and tell him to run.

3. Ryan Howard with a bat in a zombie apocalypse? Yes please.

1. Albert Pujols, for his obvious smashing skills 

2. Adrian Peterson, because he can outrun anyone…or anything

3. Javale McGee, because he’s hilarious and looks like a zombie himself


1. LeBron James, because he is the most athletic man on the planet. 

2. Nick Swisher, for his comedic relief and his bat swinging skills.

3.  Mike Tyson, because he’s not scared to commit a crime… and he’s still got it.

If you could party with one professional athlete, who would it be? Tom Brady, as long as there was no one else at the party Rob Gronkowski Toss up between JR Smith and Dirk Nowitzki As much as I hate to say it, Rob Gronkowski
If the members of Team Spogo were stuck on an island with no food, who would be the first to die? Trick question, Team Spogo is invincible, no one would die. Me. I’d choose death over being stuck on an island with Team Spogo. Andrew The Island

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About Patrick Fenn

Director of Content and Community for Spogo, an interactive and rewarding second-screen experience for sports fans.

3 responses to “Team Spogo Members Predict The MLB Season And More: Find Out Who Said What”

  1. Marcy says :

    Laughing out loud after reading this one….good job.

  2. Matt Sobel says :

    Sorry Andy, didn’t think this would be published….

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