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And that’s why we love sports.

Absolutely incredible. If you somehow missed what happened last night in Boston, watch below:


In the words of Jack Edwards, “Hearts o’ lions!!!” Down 4-1 with less than 11 minutes left in the third period of Game 7, the Boston Bruins staged a comeback for the ages. It’s one of those games that will live forever in Boston (and sadly, Toronto). It’s why we love sports.

Bring on the Rangers.



CAUTION: MEN AT WORK – Team Spogo Update

For all of our friends, family and fans, a general Spogo update is long overdue.  Luckily, we can say that the reason for this is that we’ve been hard at work and there are some exciting times ahead.

Team Spogo is Growing

Andrew and I are happy to officially announce the hire of David Thyresson (pronounced teer-son).  David has come on board as our Chief Technology Officer.  Prior to joining Spogo, David built Stattleship and two affiliated sports apps, Fanboat and Ahoy!.  He also co-founded Entessa, a provider of enterprise software solutions to Fortune 500 companies, which merged with Energy Solutions International in June 2010.  He now becomes the third musketeer on Spogo’s founding team.

We do a lot of this at Spogo HQ.

Betaspring is Complete

As mentioned in a prior post, Andrew and I spent the past twelve weeks in Providence at the accelerator program Betaspring.  Betaspring enabled us to accelerate our growth in a very short amount of time, by providing us with a great network of mentors and other resources.  Betaspring helped shape the strategy of our business and make some great connections for us along the way.  We were also lucky to work alongside 14 other startups, in spaces ranging from education technology to photo journaling to social influencer marketing.

A great photo of the Spring 2013 Betaspring graduating class.

More Sports are Coming

Last NFL season, you could play Spogo for every game from Week 10 through the Superbowl.  We are preparing then next version of the app to feature all major sports and are busy testing, redesigning and fine-tuning Spogo to get ready for our relaunch this summer.

More Rewards are Coming

As fun as Spogo is, the rewards are what makes it special.  Nothing better than playing a little Spogo, and rewarding yourself with a fat plate of nachos for you and your friends.  We’re excited over the next month or two to unveil our new partners.  We’ll have plenty of old partners back on board, and some new ones joining the party.  And we’re won’t just be offering rewards from sports bars anymore….

Gimme dat.

We’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on Team Spogo happenings as we get closer to launch.  As always, thank you for your support and GET READY FOR SPOGO THIS SUMMER!

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