True Life: I am a Spogo Intern

I’m sure by now many of you are wondering what it is exactly that keeps this machine called Spogo running fluidly and flawlessly. The answer is obviously ME. I am the intern, also known as Spogo’s engine.  Read on for an exclusive glimpse into my daily life:

1) My day starts by being woken up on my sister’s couch by her cat Jangles, and then her telling me I stink and that I’m ruining her couch.

2) I have my breakfast then begin my 10-minute walk to Spogo Headquarters. I stroll in around 10:05 am (yes, I know the hours are brutal) and awkwardly say “hi” to everyone.

3) Andrew offers me some coffee but, before I even get settled in, he has already polished off the little that was remaining in the pot.  He has now likely already consumed his 5th cup.


4) I then proceed to pull up excel and mentally prepare myself to stare at it for the next 6 hours. You may say my work is unimportant.  I say otherwise.

5) I’ll often reward myself with an almond for every sporting event I add to our Spogo calendar.  Just yesterday, I added the entire NFL schedule.  That’s a lot of almonds.

6) After completing my daily tasks, I head to the door and say my goodbyes.  As I exit, whispers of praise of my excellent work are heard, but not acknowledged.

This is the true life of a Spogo intern.  The last one in, the first one out.  And the most important cog in the machine.


One response to “True Life: I am a Spogo Intern”

  1. Mimi says :

    Jake, keep the Spogo machine running. Obviously it would not work without you. No kidding.


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