What if other athletes played baseball? The all-pro lineup!


Happy Deadline Day everybody!!

The MLB trade deadline is a July sports staple everyone looks forward to (behind the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest of course). Rumors are swirling, and fans are learning whether their team is going to go for an October run, stand pat, or invest in the future.

(Reminder: Trade deadline is 4:00PM. Follow Spogo on Twitter for updates!)

Whenever I think of trade deadlines, I think of what would happen if inter-sport trades were possible. Then I wonder: “what would happen if another league’s all stars played baseball?” Well, here’s what we came up with if we could field a baseball team of other professional athletes. And the batting order is…


1. Calvin Johnson (Center field). The ideal leadoff man. Great eyes, great hands, and lots of speed. Megatron could get 80 steals and never drop a fly ball in center field. (Also, check it this video of Megatron hitting a home run at Tiger’s batting practice!)

2. Chris Paul (2nd base). He’d be great at turning double plays.

3. Lebron James (3rd base). Always put your best hitter third in the order. A true five-tool baseball player.

4. Adrian Peterson (Left field). True power comes from one’s lower body strength, and nobody’s got more power from his legs than AP. The next great slugger batting cleanup.

5. Zdeno Chara (Right field). Huge slap shot = monster power. Look for Chara to rake in the RBI’s batting after AP.

6. Dwight Howard (1st base). Huge body and wide shoulders makes him a large target to throw to at 1st base.

7. Henrik Lundqvist (Catcher). Not a single pass ball all season.

8. Kobe Bryant (Shortstop). Coming off an injury so his mobility may not be what it once was, but still a productive clubhouse veteran.

9. Tom Brady (Pitcher). Strong arm and very accurate, Tom Brady is a perennial Cy Young candidate every season.



And just for fun, when this team plays in American League ballparks, Vince Wilfork will be the designated hitter, and Darren Sproles will pinch-run for him.


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