The Curse of Ben Affleck and How Twitter Reacted to Legarrette Blount

Hey Spogoers,

As is readily apparent from anyone who reads this blog or follows us on Twitter, we are a Boston startup–so, of course, our sports fandom leans that way. Today, we thought we would share two pretty unique things that we’re talking about in the office.

First, the curse of Ben Affleck. As reported by ESPN last season, ever since Good Will Hunting came out in 1998, the Red Sox have lost every time they’ve played on Affleck’s birthday. That’s 13 straight losses on August 15th! Jake Peavy takes the mound for the Sox tomorrow, can he finally break the Affleck curse?

Second, Legarette Blount’s amazing touchdown run during Friday night’s preseason game. You can see it here on or here on YouTube. Yes, we know it’s just preseason, and the Eagles defense isn’t exactly stout, but it was still a pretty incredible run. After the run, Twitter was more or less divided into categories.


There were shocked tweets:


There were lots of premature comparisons:


There were non-human comparisons:


There were those making fun of the Eagles:


And there were some referencing this unfortunate incident


Let us know what sports stories your office is talking about! Comment, Tweet at us, or post on our Facebook wall.


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