Spogo is coming.

Over the past several months (it seems like years), Team Spogo has been in hiding.  We’ve been spending countless hours in the lab–watching endless game tape reels, taste-testing thousands of nacho varieties and wagering billions of Spogo points–all to bring you the best Spogo experience possible.


In doing so, we’ve started to ponder a very important question.  What is Spogo?  What does it all mean?  What do we stand for as entrepreneurs, as sports fans and…as humans?  In reevaluating who we are and where our place is in this infinite universe, we’re so proud today to unveil what we view as the most important step forward that Spogo has made since its inception.

Last season, when you saw the word “Spogo”, it was most often accompanied by our slogan:


A stern reminder that you shouldn’t just be watching the goddamn game.  You should be winning something while you’re watching the goddamn game.  Do as Spogo says you must do.

Well, over the last several months, we’ve changed.  For the better.  Thanks to all our long hours in the lab and millions of dollars of intensive research (thanks, investors!), the brilliant minds at Spogo HQ are proud to introduce to you our brand spankin’ new slogan:


The exclamation point does it all.  It says it all.  It is it all.  Spogo!

Sure, maybe all this nacho cheese has melted our brains–but, all joking aside, we are excited to unveil our brand new look and feel–colors, logos, website…and app.  Follow the blog and our Facebook and Twitter next week for some big announcements.  Everything is changing and, over the next couple weeks, that includes YOUR LIFE.




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