Spogo is here.


After months of blood, sweat and tears, we’re proud to announce the second coming of Spogo. It’s HERE!


The app is now live – so download it by clicking that massive button above (or update your old version), create an account and start making some pre-game wagers! Within the first week, you’ll be able to play Spogo for the NFL, NCAA Football and MLB! Our first live game will be the Patriots vs. Giants preseason game on Thursday night. If you look like this at your desk right now, we don’t blame you. We’re excited too…




When you launch the app, you’ll notice it looks a bit different. Check out our website, Facebook and Twitter and you’ll see some changes there too. Spogo has a brand spankin’ new logo. We also have new colors and a fresh look. 


We’re thrilled to bring you this new version of Spogo. Poke around and you’ll find some exciting new features — including an activity feed to track and share your wagers, unlocked rewards and more.

Rewards are also now available at over 60 locations across Boston, Providence and NYC. You’ll be stuffing your face with free finger food before you can say “Ron Swanson”.

Spogo is officially BACK, so DON’T JUST WATCH. WIN!


About andrew

Co-Founder of Spogo, an interactive and rewarding second-screen experience for sports fans.

3 responses to “Spogo is here.”

  1. Andrew McCloy says :

    So pumped for this!

  2. WPS says :

    Great to have the official return of Spogo–I cannot wait to watch and win!

  3. Mimi says :

    Congratulations. That military person at the desk looks either like Zak or President Obama.


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