Spogo is iOS 7 compatible! Time to update!

After three weeks of giving sports fans free wings, beers and nachos, Spogo has taken to the new iOS7 diet and trimmed down (just a bit, don’t worry you can still put cheese on it).  Download the update right here:


Why the wait? We wanted to hold off until two tools we use to build Spogo, Rubymotion and Pixate, got the thumbs up for the GM over at Apple. That only happened this past week.

Here are the four places where we’ve shed the most pounds:

1. Slab to bold

We’ve gone from a chunky slab serif to a bold font in our headings and navigation titles.  You likey?

2. More color, less gradient

We didn’t have to go with a third jersey or “throwback” to give us a new, fresh look. Our color palette (green, blue, white, orange, gray) is right in Apple’s design wheelhouse. We’ve been able to keep those basic colors; we just tweaked the grays a bit to match.

3. No more 5 o’clock shadow

Buttons, events, achievements, bars, text–it’s got a new flat design.  Welcome to iOS7.  You’ll be here for awhile.

4. Lean and mean

When titles are redundant, let the content do the talking.  We removed titles on certain screens where they didn’t matter.  You know what you’re doing.  We don’t think you’re dumb.

Here’s a little sneak peak, but you’ll have to download it yourself for the full show:


New Feature!

Last but not least, we’ve added an awesome new feature.  Our Activity tab used to enable you to see your own wagers, wins, losses, rewards and more.  Now, we’ve implemented a filter that lets you see Spogo players around you as well.  This makes playing with friends even more fun, and is the framework for making Spogo even more social in future releases.

Thanks for being patient while we worked on the new version of Spogo.  We hope you enjoy it and will continue using your feedback to make it better and better.


About david

Co-Founder, Spogo

One response to “Spogo is iOS 7 compatible! Time to update!”

  1. WPS says :

    Welcome home, Spogo. Now let’s all earn some points.

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