What happens next?

That was the question we asked you. It’s the best question and our favorite question. Making a prediction, even for the briefest moment, can make life feel like a game–feel a little more fun.

What happens next? 

You’ve answered that question hundreds of thousands of times. Each prediction has been a footstep along Spogo’s trail.  We had our own predictions about where that trail would lead, never quite knowing for certain.

What happens next?  

Today I have the answer to that question, but not the answer for which anyone wished.  Team Spogo will be moving in a new direction and, in the near future, Spogo games will no longer be available to play.

We are so proud that we could be even a small part of the joy and experiences you shared while you watched sports.  Our team and business have grown tremendously from your active and loyal fanhood.

And rightfully so, with our core and most avid users in the Boston area, the final Spogo game will coincide with the final game in the Boston Bruins vs. Montreal Canadiens series–date to be determined.  The series begins tonight at 7:30pm ET.

From here on, accepting Spogo rewards will be at the discretion of our fantastic bar and restaurant partners, so we strongly encourage you to unlock and redeem rewards while you are still able.

Over the past two years, our mission has been to make watching sports more fun.  We endeavored to build a platform that would connect and bring joy to fans from all over.  Over the past two years, no matter the scale, we achieved that mission.

What happens next?  

While Spogo as you have come to know it will be changing soon, our team continues to look for exciting ways to leverage the powerful, unique technology we have worked so hard to build.  If you have interest in learning more about our platform, or have general questions for our team, please reach out to us at founders@playspogo.com.

So, what happens next?

Spogo and beyond, it will always be the best question.


Cheers, a thousand times,

Team Spogo



About david

Co-Founder, Spogo

4 responses to “What happens next?”

  1. Mimi says :

    You have all been terrific. I applaud you for your hard work and your accomplishments. You have provided fun and challenges for a goodly number of people. Onward and upward Team Spogo.

  2. Christie says :

    So proud of you guys!!! So much accomplished in just two years!! Spogo will be missed (and I’ll miss bragging about it to people)! I still never officially got a tshirt…..

  3. Sue Mickey says :

    You guys are so much more than the chicken. Keep on inspiring us all to follow our dreams and think big. Looking forward to the Chicken Dance!

  4. andrew says :

    Reblogged this on Drew Am I.

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