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What happens next?

That was the question we asked you. It’s the best question and our favorite question. Making a prediction, even for the briefest moment, can make life feel like a game–feel a little more fun.

What happens next? 

You’ve answered that question hundreds of thousands of times. Each prediction has been a footstep along Spogo’s trail.  We had our own predictions about where that trail would lead, never quite knowing for certain.

What happens next?  

Today I have the answer to that question, but not the answer for which anyone wished.  Team Spogo will be moving in a new direction and, in the near future, Spogo games will no longer be available to play.

We are so proud that we could be even a small part of the joy and experiences you shared while you watched sports.  Our team and business have grown tremendously from your active and loyal fanhood.

And rightfully so, with our core and most avid users in the Boston area, the final Spogo game will coincide with the final game in the Boston Bruins vs. Montreal Canadiens series–date to be determined.  The series begins tonight at 7:30pm ET.

From here on, accepting Spogo rewards will be at the discretion of our fantastic bar and restaurant partners, so we strongly encourage you to unlock and redeem rewards while you are still able.

Over the past two years, our mission has been to make watching sports more fun.  We endeavored to build a platform that would connect and bring joy to fans from all over.  Over the past two years, no matter the scale, we achieved that mission.

What happens next?  

While Spogo as you have come to know it will be changing soon, our team continues to look for exciting ways to leverage the powerful, unique technology we have worked so hard to build.  If you have interest in learning more about our platform, or have general questions for our team, please reach out to us at

So, what happens next?

Spogo and beyond, it will always be the best question.


Cheers, a thousand times,

Team Spogo



Super Bowl? No, it’s the Spogo Bowl.

We recently announced leaderboards as a new feature in every game, which helps make playing Spogo more competitive and fun.  We did this with Super Bowl XLVIII in mind, the biggest sporting event in the country. No–the world. NO–THE GALAXY!

On Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos will meet to fight for eternal glory.  And so will you.  Playing Spogo for the Super Bowl enters you into our Spogo Bowl contest, with some great prizes at stake.


Contest Rules:

Every CORRECT WAGER in Spogo for the Super Bowl gets you one RAFFLE TICKET.  On Monday, February 3rd at 12:00pm ET, Team Spogo will be drawing prize winners from our pool of entrants.  The more correct wagers you have, the better chance you have of winning the following prizes. (Quantity and approximate retail value of each prize in parentheses):

(2) NFL Jersey of your choice! (arv: $100)

(2) NFL Onesie of your choice (arv: $40)

(2) NFL T-Shirt of your choice (arv: $20)

(5) Spogo T-Shirt (arv: priceless)

Prize winners will be selected completely at random from the final pool of entrants at the end of the Super Bowl event.  Additionally, the top eight Spogoers on the final Super Bowl leaderboard will also walk away with a cool 5,000 Spogo point bonus.  Not too shabby for enjoying an evening of pigskin, wings and beer.

Thank you for playing Spogo with us this football season.  We can’t wait to see you for the Super–I mean, Spogo Bowl, on Sunday!

Spogo & Uber

Team Spogo is proud to announce a partnership with Uber Boston!


Spogo and Uber are teaming up to get you to and from the sports bar safely.  Uber will be offering free rides for first time users up to $20 as rewards on Spogo!

If you don’t already use Uber, download it for FREE on the App Store.  Then, head into Spogo to unlock the promo code for your free $20 ride!  If you’re wondering what Uber is, or how it works…


Uber is a mobile app that connects you with a driver for immediate transportation. Request a ride with the tap of a button and have a driver curbside in minutes.  You can choose to be driven in a black car or SUV, and payment is seamless and cashless–billed to your card on file with no need to tip.  Not too shabby.

Free rides, just in time for your weekend festivities.  And, just in case you don’t play already, Spogo is available for free on the App Store as well.  Enjoy, sports fans! 

Spogo is iOS 7 compatible! Time to update!

After three weeks of giving sports fans free wings, beers and nachos, Spogo has taken to the new iOS7 diet and trimmed down (just a bit, don’t worry you can still put cheese on it).  Download the update right here:


Why the wait? We wanted to hold off until two tools we use to build Spogo, Rubymotion and Pixate, got the thumbs up for the GM over at Apple. That only happened this past week.

Here are the four places where we’ve shed the most pounds:

1. Slab to bold

We’ve gone from a chunky slab serif to a bold font in our headings and navigation titles.  You likey?

2. More color, less gradient

We didn’t have to go with a third jersey or “throwback” to give us a new, fresh look. Our color palette (green, blue, white, orange, gray) is right in Apple’s design wheelhouse. We’ve been able to keep those basic colors; we just tweaked the grays a bit to match.

3. No more 5 o’clock shadow

Buttons, events, achievements, bars, text–it’s got a new flat design.  Welcome to iOS7.  You’ll be here for awhile.

4. Lean and mean

When titles are redundant, let the content do the talking.  We removed titles on certain screens where they didn’t matter.  You know what you’re doing.  We don’t think you’re dumb.

Here’s a little sneak peak, but you’ll have to download it yourself for the full show:


New Feature!

Last but not least, we’ve added an awesome new feature.  Our Activity tab used to enable you to see your own wagers, wins, losses, rewards and more.  Now, we’ve implemented a filter that lets you see Spogo players around you as well.  This makes playing with friends even more fun, and is the framework for making Spogo even more social in future releases.

Thanks for being patient while we worked on the new version of Spogo.  We hope you enjoy it and will continue using your feedback to make it better and better.

The hidden gems of Spogo

With Spogo, you have so many great options for rewards–steak & cheese spring rolls, all you can eat wings, pitchers of beer as cold as the Rockies and much more.  But this isn’t all that’s out there.  Just because we love going to bars doesn’t mean you have to.  Here are a few hidden gems on the Spogo rewards marketplace that we think you should check out:


Drizly-LogoYou’re ordering food for the big game with all your friends.  But, which unlucky friend has to be the one to hike out to the liquor store to grab the beer?  Drizly is an AWESOME iPhone app that fixes this problem.  Drizly is offering some FREE ALCOHOL DELIVERY rewards on Spogo, so check them out (if you are over 21, of course).


Alcohol delivery at your fingertips. So crazy it just might work.

Next up is…



Holy party bus.  Team Spogo has seen the BuzzBus fleet in person, and they are impressive.  BuzzBus is offering Spogo rewards for $50 OFF PARTY BUS RENTAL.  Limo wrap-around seating, iPad with wifi for music control, light-up bubble dance pole, 10,000 watt sound systems, LCD TV’s, fog machines, laser lights, light-up coolers.  Yup.

These girls are on a BuzzBus right now. Why aren't you?

These girls are on a BuzzBus right now. Why aren’t you?

Don’t just watch…. Well, actually, you can just watch this.

Usually we recommend you don’t just watch anything.  You should win while you’re at it.  But our new promo video?  You can just watch this.

Don’t forget to join us tonight for NFL kickoff–Ravens v. Broncos on NBC at 8:30pm (and a little Sox-Yankees action at 7pm).

Spogo is coming.

Over the past several months (it seems like years), Team Spogo has been in hiding.  We’ve been spending countless hours in the lab–watching endless game tape reels, taste-testing thousands of nacho varieties and wagering billions of Spogo points–all to bring you the best Spogo experience possible.


In doing so, we’ve started to ponder a very important question.  What is Spogo?  What does it all mean?  What do we stand for as entrepreneurs, as sports fans and…as humans?  In reevaluating who we are and where our place is in this infinite universe, we’re so proud today to unveil what we view as the most important step forward that Spogo has made since its inception.

Last season, when you saw the word “Spogo”, it was most often accompanied by our slogan:


A stern reminder that you shouldn’t just be watching the goddamn game.  You should be winning something while you’re watching the goddamn game.  Do as Spogo says you must do.

Well, over the last several months, we’ve changed.  For the better.  Thanks to all our long hours in the lab and millions of dollars of intensive research (thanks, investors!), the brilliant minds at Spogo HQ are proud to introduce to you our brand spankin’ new slogan:


The exclamation point does it all.  It says it all.  It is it all.  Spogo!

Sure, maybe all this nacho cheese has melted our brains–but, all joking aside, we are excited to unveil our brand new look and feel–colors, logos, website…and app.  Follow the blog and our Facebook and Twitter next week for some big announcements.  Everything is changing and, over the next couple weeks, that includes YOUR LIFE.



Say Hello to Harry!

Team Spogo is proud to announce the signing of free agent Harry Kaufer to its roster.  Harry, a recent graduate of Brandeis University and Newton, MA native, has previously worked at TripAdvisor,, and SmarterTravel.  He joins Spogo as our Head of Content & Community–in this role, he’ll be responsible not only for making sure Spogo continues to be an incredibly fun game to play, but also for managing our social media efforts.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Harry join us.  Not only do we get a hard-working, Bruins-crazed new teammate, but Spogo just added to its extraordinary facial hair repertoire–look out for us this Movember….


Be sure to follow @playspogo for live tweets from Harry at tonight’s B’s game!

CAUTION: MEN AT WORK – Team Spogo Update

For all of our friends, family and fans, a general Spogo update is long overdue.  Luckily, we can say that the reason for this is that we’ve been hard at work and there are some exciting times ahead.

Team Spogo is Growing

Andrew and I are happy to officially announce the hire of David Thyresson (pronounced teer-son).  David has come on board as our Chief Technology Officer.  Prior to joining Spogo, David built Stattleship and two affiliated sports apps, Fanboat and Ahoy!.  He also co-founded Entessa, a provider of enterprise software solutions to Fortune 500 companies, which merged with Energy Solutions International in June 2010.  He now becomes the third musketeer on Spogo’s founding team.

We do a lot of this at Spogo HQ.

Betaspring is Complete

As mentioned in a prior post, Andrew and I spent the past twelve weeks in Providence at the accelerator program Betaspring.  Betaspring enabled us to accelerate our growth in a very short amount of time, by providing us with a great network of mentors and other resources.  Betaspring helped shape the strategy of our business and make some great connections for us along the way.  We were also lucky to work alongside 14 other startups, in spaces ranging from education technology to photo journaling to social influencer marketing.

A great photo of the Spring 2013 Betaspring graduating class.

More Sports are Coming

Last NFL season, you could play Spogo for every game from Week 10 through the Superbowl.  We are preparing then next version of the app to feature all major sports and are busy testing, redesigning and fine-tuning Spogo to get ready for our relaunch this summer.

More Rewards are Coming

As fun as Spogo is, the rewards are what makes it special.  Nothing better than playing a little Spogo, and rewarding yourself with a fat plate of nachos for you and your friends.  We’re excited over the next month or two to unveil our new partners.  We’ll have plenty of old partners back on board, and some new ones joining the party.  And we’re won’t just be offering rewards from sports bars anymore….

Gimme dat.

We’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on Team Spogo happenings as we get closer to launch.  As always, thank you for your support and GET READY FOR SPOGO THIS SUMMER!

Going Viral: A Professional Examination by the Highly Regarded Dr. Shack

The term “viral” as it relates to internet-related phenomena (videos, memes, etc.) has become common over the past couple of years.  Just as a virus can quickly enter the human body, spread and kill someone (too harsh?) can a viral video sweep a nation within a few hours and make something, or someone, famous.  Today, Dr. Shack is going to take a quick look at some unforgettable viral sensations.

Gangnam Style

No need to go deep into the history of Psy’s Gangnam Style—it is the definition of a viral video.  It catapulted Psy into superstardom, and was the first YouTube video to rack up over 1 billion views.  Hell, there are YouTube videos of babies dancing to Gangnam Style that have tens of millions of views.  When your viral video makes other videos go viral, you’re doing OK.


Harlem Shake

With over 12,000 unique videos posted on YouTube between February 1 and February 10, it’s safe to say the Harlem Shake has gone viral.  They’re quick.  They’re funny.  They get millions of hits from idiots like me.   And, Baauer, the artist behind the Harlem Shake, has benefited quite a bit from the virality of these clips—his single topped the iTunes charts in the US and Australia this month.


Dollar Shave Club

This quick, quippy and perfectly scripted video helped launch fledgling Dollar Shave Club into a venture capital-backed business.  In the first 48 hours after the video debuted, over 12,000 new members signed up for Dollar Shave Club.  The fact that the CEO starred in the video makes it all the more meaningful.  Definitely worth a watch if you aren’t one of the 10 million people who have already viewed it.


While it’s hard in some cases to track exactly how these went viral, it’s not too hard to see why.  Does Team Spogo have something like this up its sleeve…?

No, to be honest, we don’t.  We’re going to start brainstorming right now.

Team Spogo thought about making a Harlem Shake video, but it would have looked too much like this.

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